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I went to Auburn Performance Raceway this past weekend and ran the Triple Crown Series Race (1st of 3). There were 11 or 12 total Outlaw Mod Sprint Cars. 6 cars qualified to the A-Main. I qualified 4th. The Main was very tough! Lots of fast guys, I knew my only shot was to stay consistent and make no mistakes. The first few laps I paced with the top 3 guys and luck went my way! We were doing 4-5 seconds lap times so we caught lap traffic by the 2nd or 3rd lap, lol. That’s when it got real interesting. Long story short, I was the only car that was able to finish the race with zero wrecks/mistakes! I ran a flawless race, and was able to lap the whole field. I was very proud of myself. I was able to take the win. This was only my 2nd race in dirt oval after being out of it for 4+ years. Nice to know I still got it!

Mod Sprint Car : I ran Pro-Line Positrons in the Rear and Transistors in the Front
SC mod : I ran Pro-Line Suburbs Front and Rear.
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The first round of 1:8 Nationals took place last weekend in Kolin. Local club did great job and prepared whole area very well, thank you!

On Friday, there was a free practice where both my XB8s performed great! The fastest man on the track was Martin Bayer, who was looking super fast.

In Saturday morning everybody got little bit surprised – as expected from weather forecast, the temperate was much lower compared to the previous day, but it resulted in zero traction. This made tire choice very difficult and everybody tried something different.

I used P-L Switchblades X3 in both classes, Martin Won both classes and chose Suburbs X3! Read the rest of this entry »

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Had an awesome time this weekend at SIC in Alabama! Facility was top notch and the program was extremely well ran by Lance MacDonald and sub Patrick Rossiter!

As far as qualifying I had a bit of a struggle in the nitro classes with consistency, having the first two rounds go rough and the last ones top 10s I was stuck in the B-Main for both Pro Buggy and Pro Truggy. After an awesome hole shot off the gate drop in Buggy I would have the lead for awhile and after dropping off a bit held on a bump to the A-Main!

Pro-Line M4 Hole Shot, ElectroShot and MC Suburbs were hooked all weekend with the support of Brian Lewis!

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Attended the January Thaw shootout at Adrenaline RC, and had a blast! This facility is hands down, amazing! Lots of good competition, and friendly faces make it that much better! Ran E-Buggy, and 4WD SCT this time around, and managed to grab the TQ position with my Tekno SCT410.

I decided to run M4 Suburbs, and I couldn’t ask for a better tire! Coupled with the Flo-Tek body, I was driving on Velcro. Read the rest of this entry »

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Last weekend I attended the 5th MCT Advents Cup, held at the Cyzpo-Drom arena.

About 90 1:8 Electric Buggy drivers made their way to this race, including international top drivers like Robert Batlle, Darren Bloomfield and Jörn Neumann. 4 Rounds of practice followed by qualifying on Saturday.

Jörn chose Pro-Line Suburbs for qualifying which gave him plenty of grip to let him qualify 3rd overall.

Qualifying was very tight at this track and one small mistake put you a few places back. Read the rest of this entry »

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With a large following and growing popularity, The Force Series has become one of the most prestigious series of events in the Southeast. As the series comes to a close for the year, Drivers from all over travel to Mills Pond to compete on last time in the 2016 season. The track has undergone a massive renovation and includes a new and improved track looking to impress it’s drivers.  With over 180 entries, the competition was stiff across the board.


With an unfamiliar layout for most drivers, and a newer surface, nobody truly knew what tire tread and compound would perform the best. Previous races were pointing to the Fugitive Lites in both M4 or M3 compound. This was a very popular tire all weekend, and pleased many racers. Another popular tread was the Hole Shot 2.0. This tire ran great for both Buggy and Truggy all weekend. It was no surprise to see the Pro-Line tires lasting very long. Most drivers could easily run the Super Soft or Soft compounds for a very long time, allowing drivers to run the same set multiple qualifiers. Read the rest of this entry »

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image4 image3

The 23rd annual tumbleweed classic was a blast this year 2016 I was first place in 13.5 Short Course  running the Pro-Line Body and X2 Suburbs and IONs end up winning the AAA Main and first place.

13.5 Buggy I ran Scrubs in the front and X2 Suburbs in the rear and ended up finishing second overall.

image2 image1

- Vinny Pedersoli

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On the 16th October 2016 took place a competition at the Indoor circuit IBR of Padova. During the Saturday tests we used the HOLE SHOT M4 and we noted that the machines had a good trim. Sunday the circuit grip was change and we choose the SUBURBS X4 on both machines (nitro and brushless), this choice allow me to arrive at the 1st place with the brushless and at the 5th place of the NITRO F1. Many thanks to PRO-LINE for the excellent products.

Riccardo Pasquetto



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Last weekend the 1st Round of the German Nationals took place at MSC Sand. Host of the 1:8 European Championships in 2014. Unfortunately the weather on Friday was bad with rain, but turned into sunshine for Saturday and Sunday. The track grooved up nicely and was in perfect conditions. After 5 Rounds of qualifying it was 2 SRX8 in the semi final and Jörn could take the TQ spot.

Both semi-finals were won by Serpent drivers, semi A by Jörn and semi B by Daniel Reckwardt. Jörn could take the pole position for the 40-minutes main final, Daniel started from position 7. At the start Jörn had a tumble and fell back to the last position, but thanks to a great performance and amazing fuel mileage he could take the lead again just before the end and take the victory.

Pro-Line Suburbs Tires were on point all weekend

image4 image3 image2

Jorn Neumann

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CCR-8scale CCR-PRO4

This past weekend, Controlled Chaos Raceway in Palmdale, California hosted round 3 of the JBRL Electric Series.  As usual, the level of competition was high with yet another challenging racing layout that resulted in some very exciting racing with TONS of traction with the added sugar to the track surface. The total entry count would reach over 175 entries.

TLR Driver David Jenson took the victory in the 4WD Open Short Course and 1:8 scale classes.  He also finished fourth in the 2WD Mod Buggy Class.  David’s Team Losi Racing TEN SCTE 2.0 and 8ight-E 4.0 were both equipped with Team Orion power.

Pro-Line X2 Surburbs was the Tire choice for Pro-4 and X2 Fugitive Tires for 1:8.  

Both cars used the yellow seal ceramic BOCA bearings.

David Jenson

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