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LED light bars are a stylish and useful addition to an RC car or truck.
When out on the trail at night or roaming around the backyard bashing in the shadows of the moonlight, an LED light bar can come in handy for any RC. Some light bars can be powered from the receiver while some are best powered from a separate battery. Either way, you will experience a whole new driving experience with additional light provided by a LED light bar. Here at RC Patrol, we chose to turn to Pro-Line Racing for our LED needs…Why? Keep reading in order to find out about their wicked light bar assortment in which we used on our new Bronco build because I’m sure that you’ll enjoy!

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Radio Control Patrol Axial  SCX10 Build Featuring Pro-Line Racing 1973 Ford Bronco.

Also featuring the Pro-Line OverLand Roof Rack, SuperSwamper XL Tires, Denali Bead-Loc Wheels, and PowerStroke Shocks.

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I decided to try out the Pro-Line Racing FaultLine Bead-Locks on the SCX10.

I stretched 1.9″ Super Swampers on them (Easily done) and went with 600 Vanquish SLW hubs for a wider stance.

I love the offset of the FaultLine Wheel.

All in all, I am pleased with the way the rig performs with the new wheel and tire combo.

The 2.2″ Wheel gives width while the 1.9″ Tire keeps the rig lower to the ground than 2.2″ Tires did.

Performance on the test track out back was superb and I can’t wait for the trail!
Thanks for viewing and have a nice day!

rcp1 rcp3

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Time to hit the trails! With RC Patrol


New Custom Flatbed finished with Pro-Line Racing roof rack and Scale Accessories on top. The F-250 rides again. Have a good day! The work has paid off and the SCX10 is ready for the trail. After a few upgrades and a custom flatbed by +Dave of RC Patrol, the rig is ready for action.

RC-Patrol-Picture-scx10_honcho_f250_proline_final_sep_2015_2 RC-Patrol-Picture-scx10_honcho_f250_proline_final_sep_2015_3 RC-Patrol-Picture-scx10_honcho_f250_proline_upgrade_B8

Scale Accessories:
#6088-00 Ridge-Line Bumper (Narrow) #6075-00 Scale Accessory Assrtmt #7 ( Gas Can, Water Jug, Fire Extinguisher, Spade)
#6040-00 Scale Accessory Assrtmnt#1 (Cooler, Winch, Case, Jerry Can)
#6045-00 Scale Accessory Assrtmnt#2 (Axe, Pry Bar, Shovel, High-Lift Jack)

Also Featuring Pro-Line TSL SX Super Swamper XL 1.9″ Tires mounted on Titus 1.9″ Bead-Loc Wheels

RC-Patrol-Picture-scx10_honcho_f250_proline_final_sep_2015_4 RC-Patrol-scx10-honcho-ford-prolineracing-body-2 RC-Patrol-scx10-honcho-ford-prolineracing-body-1

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The Pro-Line Racing Ford F-250 Super Duty Cab for the Axial Honcho used on a SCX10 dually labeled “The Poor Man’s Dually”.

In this video you will see the “Poor Man’s Dually” build based on a video produced by +TheTank whom made inexpensive dually wheels for his RC. The dually is based on a Axial Racing SCX10 Honcho with a Pro-Line Racing Ford 250 Super Duty Body.
The Wheels and Tires are Axial Racing Walker Evans with Trepadors.

This is the first initial test run of the rig out at a local park. The wheels held up well and were very balanced. They did seem to provide a bit more track width in the back which helped grip over a few obstacles better then having the single Rear Wheel on each side.
If you would like to read a full write-up of the build you can find it on the Radio Control Patrol Web Site at the link below……

Hope you guys enjoy the video and if you have any questions feel free to comment. If you enjoy the video feel free to like and if you have not subscribed please do so. Thanks for your time and until next time, Happy RC’n.

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Dave at Radio Control Patrol here with an update on the Yeti X project
After several days of testing and tuning the Yeti X made it through a succesful session today. 3s Lipo was pumped to the +Castle Creations Mamba Monster 2 inside and performance was on tap like none other. A 1:8 motor in a 1:10 Yeti is major overkill, but the fun factor is off the charts.


Tires are Pro-Line Racing 3.8″ Badlands with Desperado 1/2″ offset Wheels on the Rear and on the Front are 2.8″ Badlands with Desperados for Stampede Front.( For an even fit with the rear width.) Read the rest of this entry »

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Hello everyone this is DaveM from RC Patrol and I would like to share an upcoming build with you guys. This is the body I finished for the Spring Deadbolt revamping labeled, The Sketch Box. I am creating this new guise for the spring crawling season and I thought this would be different, 1992 Jeep Cherokee Body from Pro-Line Racing with hand painted doodles. I am on the hood with the
I will be updating throughout the next few days of the progress of the change-over and providing a nice blog post when complete. I am changing Tires, Wheels, Shocks, and Bumpers as well as adding some cool scale items to the roof rack. Should be fun and look cool on the trail.
This is a sneak peak of the finished Body.

Check Out Radio Control Patrol’s YouTube Channel

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It’s been about a week since the un-boxing of the Pro-Line Racing PRO-2 kit, and I finally have completed the job. We now have a genuine 2WD thoroughbred Short Course Truck in the RC Patrol RC stable. I would like to present to you the Radio Control Patrol’s Pro-Line Racing PRO-2 SCT build by me, Dave M.

…Continued at


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