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It was another fun day of racing in decent weather out at Cherry Valley RC Raceway. The day started out pretty good as I was able to get the TQ position with my bomber in the first heat.

“Both cars had ultimate traction as always with the awesome Pro-Line Hyrax Tires. My bomber was smooth thanks to my Pro-Line Power Stroke Shocks.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Today was the first race at Auburn Performance Raceway for the new series Ultra RC Rock racing. I built a whole new truck for the 1.9 legends class. These trucks are 100% Custom Metal chassis have a minimum weight of 7 pounds and just look awesome. I built this chassis all myself and this was the first race on it to see how she did.
Heat one went well I ended up 2nd and could tell the truck definitely needed tuning. So back to the pits it was for a quick shock change on my Pro-Line Powerstroke shocks.

I was able to keep the truck hooked up with my 1.9″ Pro-Line Hyrax Tires to come home in second! Read the rest of this entry »

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The Axial Racing Wraith has become one of the main stays in the RC Scale / Crawler market spawning a countless hoard of aftermarket part goodness. You can take a main stream Wraith and turn it into something extraordinary. Our original Wraith is no exception. It has been around the shop since 2011 dawning many of Pro-Line Racing’s Rock Crawling and Scale Accessories - visiting many trade shows over the past years. With such rich history and great service, an update of epic proportions is well deserved.  So join us as we give our Wraith an Extreme Makeover.

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In the Scale Crawler / Scale Truck market, RC4WD has been at the forefront with Scale Chassis, Truck Kits and a host of custom machined parts. One of their most recent kits is the Gelande II chassis with the Cruiser Body Set. This comes in a hard top version, but with a little custom modification, we are going topless to show a more scale / detailed look. In this build, we’ll be adding a host of Pro-Line Scale Accessories for the Ultimate Scale Rig.
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Pro-Line makes it easier than ever to upgrade your stock Slash simply by swapping your stock electronics into one of our PRO-2 Performance kits! That’s right, in less than a few hours you can be up and running by simply transplanting your stock Slash electronics. Whether it’s the PRO-2 Short Course or PRO-2 Buggy Racing machines or the Award Winning PRO-MT Monster Truck, Pro-Line has the right vehicle for you!

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After returning home from vacation I finally got some time this week to build, paint and do some testing of my new Pro-Line PRO-2 SCT Kit.

The kit came mostly assembled so it didn’t take long at all before I had a rolling chassis. I basically just had to bolt on the ProTrac Suspension arms, bolt in pre-built Performance Transmission, fill the PowerStroke Shocks with oil and mount, bolt on Premounted Blockade Tires, paint, stickers, then add electronics and it’s off to the track for testing.


I arrived at the track mid-morning and conditions where perfect for the Blockade Tires since we had a good soaking rain the night before. I went out and ran a few slow laps just to get used to the new truck.

Once I started running hot laps with the PRO-2 SCT I realized how easy it was to drive. Read the rest of this entry »

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Welcome to the third and Final Installment of Pro-Line Racing PRO-2 Performance short course truck on a Budget. The PRO-2 SC takes everything we have produced in SC Accessories into one complete kit. For those of you on a budget, The PRO-2 may seem out of reach, however the good news is that most all the PRO-2 components are interchangeable with your stock Slash 2WD. This means you can purchase key PRO-2 components over time with the end result being a truck just like the 4001-00 PRO-2 Kit.

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This is a story of transformations, rebirth, second chances, rebuilding and ultimately new beginnings (yes, use your inner deep movie trailer voice while reading that). No, it’s not a Nicholas Sparks novel tuned into a Hollywood melodrama. I’m talking about a Traxxas Rustler stadium truck that was once reconfigured into a monster truck, bashed at the BMX track and skate park until it was a pile of bent and broken parts and then rebuilt and taken in an entirely new direction. As many of you know, I have a soft spot in my heart for versatile RC cars. While I like my specialized vehicles such as my carpet-only racers and my 2.2 comp crawlers (actually I’m kind over the latter), I love rigs that aren’t one-trick ponies. So, versatility was the mission with this build. I wanted to build a truck that could go directly from the backyard to the track. You get a lot for your money when you can get twice as much use out of a truck. I also wanted to maybe inspire a few people to see a pile of parts not as discarded junk, but instead as a plethora of potential….. CONTINUE READING AT RC TRUCK STOP.COM


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