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July 15-18th I attended the King of GURUS 2016 comp Presented by SuperShafty.  Rolling in on Friday I didn’t know what to expect but I planned on having fun regardless.  Got camp setup and made my way around saying hi to old friends and introducing myself to new ones.  Saturday was class 2 and class 1. My class 2 was nothing to brag about but managed a 10th place finish out of 84 drivers, on my 1.9″ Pro-Line Super Swamper XLsRead the rest of this entry »

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In this video we show you HOW-TO: mount tires to your 1.9″ crawler bead-loc wheels. Pro-Line FaultLine 1.9″ Bead-Loc wheels are mounted with Pro-Line Flat Iron XL 1.9″ Tires.


Flat Iron XL 1.9″ G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires w/Memory Foam
for Front or Rear 1.9″ Crawler
Product ID : 10112-00…

FaultLine 1.9″ Black/Black Bead-Loc 10 Spoke Front or Rear Wheels
for Rock Crawlers
Product ID : 2748-15…

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For Scale Crawler kits, GMade has made a name for themselves by first introducing the reliable Sawback Jeep based platform. They have since followed up with a KOMODO Truck version and now a 4LS version of the Sawback which is a newer 4 link suspension equipped kit.  These kits offer great entry level performance as well as upgradable scale trail rig performance. Pro-Line  has you covered on how to upgrade your Saw back into a certified scale crawling machine!
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