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What’s up everyone? Any of you have a PRO-MT Truck? or the PRO-2 SC Buggy and PRO-2 SC Truck? what about a Traxxas Stampede? or Slash? If you are lookin’ for the gnarliest and beefiest drive shafts available, look no further. These bad boys are made of high grade steel, and are thick in all the right places ;)

The axles for both the PRO-MT and PRO-2 come in the package so no one feels left out.

PRO-MT Pro- Spline HD outdrives (6262-06)
PRO-MT rear hub carriers ( 6262-05)

Building the units was extremely easy and very straight forward. Just match the axles in the package to the ones on your vehicle, and the rest is down hill :D Make sure to use blue lock tight on the set screw that holds the pin. You dont want that to wiggle loose ;)

Installation was just as painless. I removed the hex from the axle, removed the camber link screw in the hub, removed pin from the old drive shaft connecting it to the diff, and removed the old shaft. Installation of the new one was just the reverse order :D Man these things are big!

Now, I was planning to test these behemoths at the Monster Jam held here in January. Some of the local racers here were asked to freestyle run our RC vehicles during the intermission at the Monster Jam. However, last minute insurance conflicts kept us from showing what kind of abuse, performance, and down right FUN you can have, with a PRO-2 or PRO-MT, to the crowd. I know it was a bummer.. but that doesn’t mean I still didn’t find a way to put them through their paces ;)

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After running several EVO SC’s for a year, I was eager to test out the new Pro-Line Fusion SC Body. So you can imagine my excitement to finally get to test this bad boy out. With the roof vents and other subtle improvements this Body is second to none.


Its weight is extremely low, its venting is extremely efficient, and on top of that the body has plenty of surfaces air can use to create down force. This body flies every bit as well as my EVO, but I must confess it does feel like it corners better then my EVO ever did. The Fusion does not have as aggressive front end as the EVO, and makes it fly much more consistently and predictably.

Pro-Line, you guys have again out done yourselves! If you have not tried the Fusion yet, you have no idea what your missing :D

Cory Craig

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What’s up fellow PRO-2 & Slash drivers!!

I had the opportunity to purchase one of these beauty’s this week and install it in my truck. It is every bit as good as you think it is gonna be.

The Stock Top Shaft included in the Pro-Line Performance Transmission weighs 12.2 grams while the Aluminum Top Shaft tips the scales at 4.4 grams. That’s 60% Less!

It fits perfectly, is quiet as the wind, and increases acceleration and reduces motor temps :D Cant say enough about this item! Absolutely love it!!

Cory Craig

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Recently Pro-Line released the Type-R for the Kyosho MP9 Nitro Buggy, and being a Kyosho fan it quickly caught my eye.

Problem is, I have the MP9E Electric Buggy, and not the Nitro.  Being the die hard Pro-Line fan I am, I was curious to see if I could get it to fit.

Interested to see how I did it?? KEEP ON READIN’!!

IMG_3301-1024x765 Read the rest of this entry »

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Before receiving my New Pro-Line Roll-Up Pit Mat in the mail, I must admit I was a bit skeptical about it. But

after opening the box and some preliminary use of it, it has totally won me over.

Its a beautiful blue color that cleans up easily with some soap, water, and elbow grease. It rolls up easily, and unrolls without a fight. seconds after unrolling it, the mat will naturally want to lay flat on the table. My screws and tools that like to slide or roll off the table now seem to miraculously stay on the mat.

To top it off, it gives my Pits that neat professional look I have been trying to get.

A quick once over with a baby wipe, then roll it up into my box.

Cory Craig

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After receiving the Pro-Spec Shocks for my Pro-Line PRO-2 SCT, I was anxious to try them out. I built them, mounted them up, and I was blown away by how SMOOTH these shocks are. I have built a LOT of shocks in my decades of RC racing, and these shocks are some of the absolute best. They look amazing too! As in show stoppers. It’s hard not to just gawk at the truck with those fat shock bodies glistening in the sun.

The shocks are easy to build and change, and did I mention they are SMOOOOOOTH? Like Butta!!!
After a full day of racing I have not seen any leaks or any squeeks. They just WORK!

prospecshocksFronts_rears_angle prospecshocks parts

Thank you Pro-Line for coming out with a fantastic item! These shocks are every bit as good as your Tires and Bodies and now you can get them for Buggies too!!??!

Here is the Setup I use on my PRO-2 SCT:

Front Shocks:
1.6x 2 hole piston -40wt oil, Pro-Line Purple Spring 4.0 in/lb ( 6308-15). I use -2 droop @ bottom of axle( using an Integy 40mm droop gauge ) with 31mm ride height ( up a tad more if its bumpy, down a tad if its high bite )

Rear Shocks:
1.6x 2 hole piston – 32.5wt oil, Pro-Line Green Spring 2.2 in/lb ( 6308-17). I use -2 droop @ bottom of axle( using Integy 40mm droop gauge ) with 29mm ride height ( up a tad more if it’s a bumpy, and down a tad if its high bite )

Give this setup a shot on your Traxxas Slash/Rustler/ Pro-Line PRO-MT, PRO-2 SC Buggy/ or any SCT. You may find it a good starting point.

Cory Craig

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with new driveshaft

What’s up fellow racers!? How many of you race on slick, dusty or unprepared tracks with a Pro-Line PRO-2 Truck or Buggy, Or even a Traxxas Slash with a Pro-Line LCG kit and struggle to get it hooked up? I know the local tracks I run on are low to medium grip on a good day, and grip is always hard to come by. So here is a mod I did to the rear of my PRO-2 that helped get it hooked up. This mod is completely reversible at any time. So if u do prefer the old setup, it will bolt right back on with no problems at all. The mod requires around $25 in parts and takes less than an hour to do. Not only that, but it also will give you, as a racer, more setup adjustment and range and allow you to make these adjustments faster. Sound appealing?? Then let’s get started! Read the rest of this entry »

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Saturday, June 13th Easley, SC. Home of The Hobby Connection and ERC ( Easley RC Complex ), and host of the first annual May Madness event. I know right? Date says June, and race says May…. lol. Well mother nature hasn’t been the most kind to us lately, having delayed several races in the region. This one in particular.

ERCtrack4MM ERCtrack3MM

Not to mention she threatened to rain it out AGAIN, but with some tremendous work from the track crews the track was ready and in fantastic shape. We arrived at 9:30am to the usual maze of trailers and tents. After finding a pit spot ( Thank you Anthony Hutchinson and Richard Hutchinson for always keeping a spot empty for me. I surely would have melted otherwise ), I unloaded and decided to take a look at the track. Read the rest of this entry »

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Download Setup Sheet as PDF

This is the setup I use on my “Rent – a – Ride” PRO-2. For those of you who are not familiar with me, I have a spare PRO-2 truck I let others drive for various reasons. Sometimes their truck broke, or burnt up an electronic or cant finish the weekend for what ever reason…. I let them drive this to finish out the weekend. If someone wants to try it out and see if they like 2WD SCT…. I say “here drive this”.

Cory Hartwell Maiden Race

I have let no less than 10 people drive this truck with this setup across multiple surfaces and it works :D it’s a tad soft and may need thicker oil in higher grip situations, but I am confident it will give anyone a solid platform to work from.

If you are not familiar with the “white” insert I speak of in the setup, read this blog

Cory Craig

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aireal view

With a forecast of sunny skies and mild temperatures for the day, I jumped in my car and headed to Piedmont, SC! Home of Shake N Bake RC Speedway affectionately referred to by the locals as SnB! A facility owned and operated by Jamie Amhrein and Nick Hartman, some hardcore, seasoned racers. Jamie and I met in early 2000 in this area, and as Jamie will tell ya, he taught me everything he knows ;) Having known these guys for a hot minute, when word went out they were building a track I knew it is gonna be big and its gonna be FAST! Let me elaborate on that last part. This place regularly pulls in seasoned world and national level talent ( Barry Pettit is a prime example, but is one of several ). If you think your fast, this is the place to prove it. Talk all ya want, but when you roll through those gates to enter SnB speedway, all I gotta say is you better have your big boy pants on! Read the rest of this entry »

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