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Since the early 80’s, RC Monster Trucks have been a fascination part of the RC community. Their Popularity comes and goes but one thing is certain, they are here to stay. Monster Trucks are currently experiencing resurgence as of late and Pro-Line is no stranger to them.  Our offerings that go back just as far as the original Tamiya Clod Buster of the Mid 80’s. With the most recent release of our new #10114-02 2.6” Destroyer Monster Truck TiresPro-Line renews that passion again and usher in a new era of Monster Truck performance tires. To commemorate these new products, we have created a series of custom builds. “Monster Bolt” is our high performance racing version incorporating today’s technology into the enduring passion of Monster Truck racing from the past and present.

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Congratulations to SHAWN for winning the Reader’s Rides Contest!

Shawn submitted a Pro-Line F-250 Body with Destoryer Tires on his Tamiya TXT-2 and won!

Title: Tamiya TXT-2
Description: Just added the new Destroyer Tires. Thank you so much for making a good Clod sized tire, they work perfectly.

Great Job Shawn!

Don’t forget to submit your next ride at for a chance to win.

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Sonoma County Scalers officially started hosting Scale Rock Crawling competitions in late 2011, and early 2012. Bringing friendly and fun to drive courses, that are challenging for the veterans, and doable for the first timers. The biggest draw for us has been the Fun First factor of not only the courses, but the scale crawling enthusiasts that join us every 2nd Sunday of the Month. We are not going try to claim that the awesome Sponsor Raffle we have every month does not draw a crowd, and we could not host these events with out the help of one of our series founding sponsors, Pro-Line Racing.

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