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Congratulations to Dale for winning the Reader’s Rides Contest!

Dale submitted a Traxxas® SUMMIT® with a Pro-Line Rat Rod Body and Won!

Check Out Dale’s Desert Rat in Action:

Title: Desert Rat

Description: Summit LT conversion with Pro-Line Rat Rod Body mounted with Pro-Line Body Mounts with Secure-Loc caps. Rolling on TSL SX Super Swampers (Regular on front-XL’s on rear) trimmed to fit 2.2″/3.0″ Pro-Line F-11 Wheels.

Great Job Dale!

Don’t forget to submit your next ride at for a chance to win.

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This past Saturday I ventured down to Silver Dollar Raceway in Chico, CA for some 1:8 Nitro action. The day started off really cold and foggy. At first we weren’t sure if we would be able to race, but eventually it cleared up and we were ready to start the day. With new Team Orion engines in my Buggy and Truggy, I was excited to see how they would run. After a few small practice sessions with both the NT48 and NB48, I felt very confident with both the cars and the engines!

Unfortunately the printer stopped working and Live RC went down right before my Truggy race so I wasn’t able to take any pictures of the main event finishing order, But I was able to get video of the entire race luckily. LOL so here it is. My race ends at the 20-minute mark.

Video Courtesy of

My Pro-Line X4 Blockades were hooked up all day with little to no tire wear. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pro-Line is proud to introduce the Pro-Line Factory Team for 2015!

We are excited to introduce a preview of the Pro-Line’s 2015 Factory Team Drivers who are dedicated to improving last year’s record breaking performance for Team Pro-Line!

Elliott Boots
Neil Cragg
Adam Drake
Cody King
Lee Martin
Kyle McBride
Drew Moller
Jörn Neumann
Dakotah Phend
Ty Tessmann
Carson Wernimont

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Well I had a little fun out with the PRO-MT truck today. After waiting a little bit to get a new spur gear for it and setting it up with a 19 tooth pinion gear I was ready to see what this 2WD rig was capable of. I tried to do the best I could with filming this as I was just having way to much fun driving this truck! 

Hope you all enjoy!

Want to see the build series on the truck? click below! -…

Want more information on this truck? Click below! -…

RCoverload -

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Event: Hangover Race
Track: NEORCRC (Ohio)
Race Setup: 2 heats with single 7-minute A-Mains

Classes Raced:
4×4 SCTPro-Line M4 Suburbs 2.0
1:8 E-BuggyPro-Line M4 Hole Shots 2.0s
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Check Out the Fuel Stick in the Pits. Watch Closely, it goes by Fast!

Soon you will have an opportunity to purchase the new Pro-Line Fuel Stick like the one that was used by
Ty Tessmann to win the 2014 IFMAR World Championship!

See Daniel Adams shows off the new Pro-Line Fuel Stick:

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See some behind the scenes at Pro-Line Racing as you get a glimpse of who we are, what we stand for and why we are Made in the USA.

For over 30 years, Pro-Line Racing has created unforgettable memories for the everyday backyard hero to winning 12 IFMAR World Championship titles. Read the rest of this entry »

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Only on very rare occasions do I paint up shells for other people. Enter a rare occasion today! I got contacted by the owner and founder of CowRC, to paint up a shell for the Team Associated SC10 that they will be giving away for the 2014 Christmas Contest. Their usual painter wasn’t able to complete the request this time around due to circumstances, and so I got asked to help out last minute.

The shell I’m painting up for the SC10 is a Pro-Line Racing EVO SC body, which fits a wide variety of 1:10 Short Course Trucks. Use the “HemiStorm10” discount code to receive an instant 10% discount on all your orders from Pro-Line Racing.… Read the rest of this entry »

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Check out these MASSIVE 2.2″ Interco TSL SX Super Swamper XL Tires made by Pro-Line Racing!

One of the more exciting parts of building any RC car or truck is, installing a new set of tires and rims. One the Axial Yeti I wanted something that not only handles well in most of the terrain that I will be running it on, but also looks insanely badass on the truck!

Now Pro-Line Racing came out with a larger version of their famous Original Super Swamper Tires, the 2.2” TSL SX Super Swamper XL Tire that is a complete design replication from Interco Tire Corporation. The Tire dimensions are as follows – 5.8″ height and 2.25″ Width. Witch is just slightly larger than its original Interco 2.2” Swamper Tire.

To learn more about Pro-Line’s newest Super Swamper Tire, click here –…

Now I decided to install these new Super Swamper Tires on to a set of Gear Head RC 2.2 Lightweight U4 Race Wheels. Wile these rims are a very simple wheel design. It dose allow for different offsets just by rotating the wheel in the opposite direction. Now these wheels are NOT beadlock, so a little light sanding is recommended to help the tires adhere to the aluminum rim better.

I used Pro-Line’s Tire Glue to mount these tires and rims

To learn more about Gear Heads Aluminum rim, Click here –…

Also please note…If you are going to use the Gear head aluminum rims, you will have to use gear head wheel hubs. Unfortunately they designed their screw spacing to be different then that of the vanquish hubs.

Click here for the Gearhead Hubs that are recommended for the Axial yeti.

I hope you all enjoyed and are getting more and more excited to see this rig come to life! stick around we have a lot more to do to this before it heads out for its maiden voyage!


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Zeke Ballinger

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