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Get Scale Looks and Performance with Pro-Line’s New Interco Super Swamper 3.8” Monster Truck Tire!

Under official license from Interco Tire Corporation, Pro-Line is proud to announce the 3.8” Interco TSL SX Super Swamper in the legendary M2 compound. With “almost scale” not being acceptable and access to Interco’s design data, Pro-Line’s engineering staff has reproduced the Super Swamper in a scale configuration not previously available for 3.8” Monster Trucks. The new 3.8” Super Swamper is perfect for anyone who wants a licensed scale tire and unmatched performance in all terrains!

Compared to the highly successful Trencher X 3.8” Tires the new TSL SX Super Swamper 2.8” Tires have more side bite while maintaining similar forward traction with a more scale appearance. If you have a 3.8” Monster Truck and love scale tires and maximum performance, then the all-new Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 3.8” tires are made for you!

Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 3.8″ (Traxxas Style Bead) All Terrain Tires
for Front or Rear 3.8″ Traxxas Style Bead Wheels
Product ID : 10111-00

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…..Well these little driveshaft’s were actually a little bit more difficult to put together, compared to the rest of the truck. I ran into a couple of problems wile assembling….. But none-the-less I still tried to explain how to assemble them as best as I could and I tried to show you how they go together as best I could.

These driveshaft’s are made out of hardened steel and should take the punishment that I am about to perform on this truck! The only way to tell though is by putting them thru the tests!

Stay tuned for more!

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The Pro-Line PRO-MT is finally starting to take shape! In this video I show you how to mount up the front half of the truck as well as the rear shock tower and body post.

As most of my other build videos on the PRO-MT Truck. Its a very easy kit to build. Most of it, involves just screwing together a bunch of parts. It’s definitely a nice kit for someone who is looking to build their very first kit, or even someone who just wants to build something easy for once. Either way this kit is awesome!

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Stick around! to see more of this build!

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Here is a homemade video I made with my Axial Wraith for testing the Pro-Line XL Super Swampers.

So far its one of the greatest tires for rock crawling and mud bogging. I’m looking forward to more great products from Pro-Line.

Axial Wraith with Pro-line XL Super Swampers


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Forest adventure in cold November . My son’s E-MAXX with locked rear diff and Pro-Line Masher Tires was very strong in rough terrain and it did very well hold the line with my SUMMIT with 2 locked diffs.

It was a good time. Mashers and Big Joes are the best MT Tires. And all Bodies.
Thanks P-L.

#3401-00 Desert Militia Clear Body
#3238-60 Volkswagen Baja Bug Clear Body

-Petr Kalina

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Here we go with some more Aluminum upgrades right out of the box of this Pro-Line PRO-MT Truck!

These few parts will certainly be a huge improvement to the truck! With the carrier and the hex nuts being aluminum right out of the box stock. Not only dose it make the truck look nice, but it will have a lot more strength to the steering and wheels and considering the control arms are already beefy…i’ll be damn if something breaks in this front end!

So come check out how too install the Aluminum Rear Hub Carriers, Aluminum Knuckles (Castor Blocks), and Aluminum Steering Rack in this video!

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This is a quick action video of me bashing my Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Short Course Truck.

Build pictures:
Unboxing and Build Video:…

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Come take a look at how too install the front control arms and the front aluminum hinge pin brace on the Pro-Line Racing PRO-MT truck! Its very easy to do, just make sure they are facing the correct direction by having the flat side facing upwards.

Its also nice too see that Pro-Line has taken the time to notice some of the biggest problems with bashing trucks…..Thin & weak control arms. But with these control arms I truly don’t believe you will have to worry about that being a problem for the most part. As these lower control arms are certainly beefy and have plenty of reinforcement to them!

As you can tell, just from the second video there are already some huge improvements in this truck. Not only are the control arms stronger, but Pro-Line has already supplied some aluminum parts with this kit. Just like this Hinge Pin Brace for the added support on the control arms and the hinge pins themselves.

Hope you found this video informational !
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In part 1 of the build series I show you how to install a few of the PRO-MT front end components together.

The first three steps of the instructions show you how to assembles the front bumper, skid plate, and the front shock tower together. These first couple of steps are very easy to do.

After assembling all of those components together. I then show you how to build the camber links. Don’t forget to Always pay attention to how the diagram in the instructions are presented. As their is a drivers side and passenger side specific setup with the camber links.

These links do require two different types of pivot balls, small and large…..

Here’s a tip – The small pivot ball goes on the shock tower side, and the large pivot ball will go on the carrier side. Also don’t forget to make sure the notch in the link is facing the driver side. This will make sure any adjustments that are needed to be made in the future will be set up correctly.

I hope you enjoyed the video! Stay tuned for more of this awesome build!

Come check out the RCoverload Website and Forum!

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My Hot Bodies D413 build is quickly coming to an end. As always, Pro-Line Racing has all of the needed items to get your kit rolling on the track with the right look, traction and aerodynamics! With the help of Pro-Line Driver, Ty Tessmann, the Type R body was developed to win championships!

IMG_1271 IMG_1272 IMG_1274

Here’s some quick links to the items I chose:

Type R Clear body:…

This is a Type-R clear body for HB D413. Now you can have the same body that Ty Tessmann runs on his D413: Type-R! Type-R came from the mind of Pro-Line Team Driver Ty Tessmann with a unique mid-cab look and undercut side pods that break away from all of the recent cab forward trends. The Type-R body fits perfectly around the triangulated shock towers of the D413 and features kick up in the rear of the body for balanced front to rear down force. Pro-Line’s new Type-R body style is a single piece body unlike the stock 3-piece screw together unit, which is difficult to paint and mount. If you have the D413 Buggy, then you NEED to get Pro-Line’s Type-R body!

Trifecta Wing:…

2.4″ VTR front Wheel:…

2.4″ VTR Rear Wheel:…

VTR Transistor Front 4wd Tire, MC Compound:…

VTR Suburbs Rear Tire, MC Compound:…

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