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Zeke Ballinger

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Hello Everyone! Happy Holidays!

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Top Notch Series round 1 at IERC. I have been out of the game for a while because I recently got married and did the whole marriage and honeymoon thing. I decided to pick up my Venom powered Pro-Line PRO-2 SCT without any prep or practice and head to the TNS race.


There were a lot of people attending this race and here is a shot of a very busy pit. I must point out IERC is one of the nicest tracks around. They have a huge projector on the wall for TV, coolers for those hot summer days and most important of all a challenging track with consistent traction.


Here is a shot of the track right before you get on to the straight away. There was a fast and flowing section into the straight away that proved to be very challenging. Many vehicles would get the section wrong and either hit the wall or jump out of the track.


Here is a shot of the middle triple section. The triple was right after a very tight turn and a very big challenge to clear consistently. Furthermore, your vehicle had to be set up perfectly for maximum traction in order to gain enough speed to make the triple. Most people double singled out on this obstacle.


Here is a shot of the after the straight away. A drop off and a speed check jump proved to be very fun. It was a great place to pass people. Many people flew off the track at the end of the straight away due to all the traction!

20141206_133115 20141206_133144

Here are two shots of my truck.  The truck performed pretty well all day, but I did notice that it was not very nimble in the tight corners. My low speed steering was nil without a little throttle manipulation. Pro-Line has a short chassis designed for tighter tracks, part #6093-06. Also, there is a new battery mount for the shorter chassis part #6093-07. I purchased both parts already and installed them on my truck. I am still doing some testing, but the new parts made the truck handle a lot better.
I will do a review of those parts soon!

My Venom 100c shorty batteries performed flawless all day. I had plenty of power and did not have to worry about my batteries failing me. Venom did a great job with their latest Batteries.

I would say the TNS race went well for me. I ended up getting 11/19 which is not bad for coming out cold, but I still want to get my PRO-2 SC Truck on the podium. I was really close to making the A main, but I did not quite make it.

Check out my race for yourself:

Good luck at the races! Remember, you can always ask me for help, just look for the Venom powered Pro-Line vehicles and the KLA logo at the track.

-Matthew Garcia

20141206_162838 20141206_162830 20141206_182420

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Pro-Line Racing is known for their Wheels and Tires and it’s time to get my Arrma Kraton some better traction! The Trencher X’s have been around for a while and they not only look great, but they add some needed traction for off road use on the Kraton 6S.

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Pro-Line Premounted Trencher X’s

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Follow legendary R/C track builder Joey Christensen as he prepares for his biggest event, THE DIRT Nitro Challenge hosted in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Nitro Challenge has been going on for 14 years and has 900 entrants from all around the World racing for 5 days in February.

Take a look behind the scenes as Joey and his crew takes on this epic event.

Brought to you by Pro-Line Racing.

Check out our entire line-up of 1:8 Buggy products.

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You guys have been begging for some suspension action, so here it is! Please hit that like button if you enjoyed! There are many more videos/edits for NSP-1 in the future!
I made these make-shift whoops to test out the shocks setup before we hit up the beach for the next edit. With the comparisons to my bro’s Jeep, you can definitely tell how well this 11.5 lb trophy truck handles stuff like this. When I’m pinning the throttle it literally feels like it’s floating over the bumps, really amazing!

Pro-Line Parts Used:
Pro-Line F-11 Wheels
Pro-Line Chevy Silverado 1500 Clear Body
Pro-Line PowerStroke Shocks

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Take a look at what it takes to become World Champion at the 2014 IFMAR 1:8 Buggy World Championships in Messina, Italy.  Follow the Pro-Line team throughout the event and watch Ty Tessmann dominate his way to victory.

So grab some popcorn and sit back and enjoy this Feature Film by 5150 Productions.


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Pro-Line Racing is known for their great Tires, Wheels and Bodies. Everyone from professional racers to the backyard bashers know Pro-Line. Although no specific parts from Pro-Line are available for the Axial Yeti that didn’t stop Aaron Arndt from Pro-Line to hit the parts bins to come up with a performance upgrade kit to help the Yeti out! Here’s Aaron’s article on what he did:…

Here’s a list of the parts I used from Pro-Line and a link to where I got them

Pre-Built Pro-Spec Shocks:…

Steering Turnbuckles (although they say Camber):…

Camber Turnbuckles:…

Hard Anodized Rod Ends:…

Rebuild kit for longer shock shaft end:…

Purple Springs:…

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Check it out! The Pro-Line Racing PRO-MT 2WD Truck is almost ready to tear the ground up!

With the electronics fully installed, and the Sentinel body all painted up! All that’s left is too, program the Castle Creations Mamba Max Pro ESC and find the correct pinion gear to install on the 2400kv motor!

The Pro-Line PRO-MT Kit certainly has a lot of kick ass features about it! Some of those features include, full set of steel gears in the Performance HD Transmission, Aluminum Pivot balls on all of the end links, Aluminum Casters, Aluminum Chassis, Aluminum Hex Nuts for the wheels, PowerStroke Dual Rate Shocks, Harden Steel Drive Shafts, and HD motor mount screw set.

Most of those parts mentioned above, come stock in the box. unlike most kits and RTR trucks, were those parts would be considered upgrades and you would half to purchase those separately.

What to know were you can get your own Pro-Line Racing PRO-MT? Or just curious to know more about this truck? Click below!!!!!… Read the rest of this entry »

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This is my full review of the Pro-Line PRO-2 Short Course Buggy.

I have put some time into driving this great 2WD SCB and have got to say it is my Favorite 2WD I have ever driven!

It’s has a very “point n shoot” feel and that’s hard to come by with a 2WD RC! Pro-Line has not skimped out on any part on this semi-kit Buggy and has included many of it’s upgrade items that many other RTR’s seek out.

Make sure and check out my running video:…

Check out the playlist for the build series here:…

Check out my Facebook page and give it a like!…

Here’s where I got it and some info from Pro-Line:

Durable. Proven. Performance.

The PRO-2 Buggy kit is one of Pro-Line’s most refined products ever produced through the course of our 30-year History. We combined our highest quality and best performing SC accessories into one box to create the ultimate Go Anywhere – Do Anything Short Course Buggy.
Core Features
Realistic Buggy Looks and Performance. The PRO-2 Buggy combines incredible scale Desert Buggy styling with performance that is light-years ahead of every Short Course Truck. The PRO-2 Buggy jumps better, lands better and corners better than the PRO-2 SC Truck counterpart and looks like a realistic Buggy!

Performance LCG Chassis
Durability meets Performance with Pro-Line’s PRO-2 SC Performance Chassis. The 3mm thick Hard Anodized 7075-T6 Aluminum Chassis extends the full length of the Buggy for maximum durability and keeps everything in-line and extremely low for optimum performance.

Performance Transmission
The Transmission is the Heart of any vehicle and the PRO-2’s heart is Proven. The Performance Transmission has been a popular upgrade for many other vehicles and has now found a permanent home in the PRO-2. The Oil-filled, tunable Differential coupled with the Steel Top Shaft, Idler Gear and Internal Diff Gears define what the PRO-2 Buggy is all about: Durable. Proven. Performance.

PowerStroke Shocks
The PowerStroke Shocks utilize dual-rate spring technology just like the big boys. The bodies are threaded for precision ride height adjustment and are finished with a high performance coating for great performance and appearance. This is one of the #1 most popular performance upgrades that Pro-Line has ever produced and they come as standard equipment with the PRO-2 Buggy.

ProTrac™ Suspension
A Performance revolution started in the RC industry when Pro-Line introduced the Original ProTrac Suspension upgrade kit. The long arm suspension design improves suspension smoothness for unmatched rough track handling while using negative offset wheels to reduce scrub radius and for precision cornering. Made in the USA.

Blockade SC Tires / F-11 Wheels
Pro-Line knows tires and we included the Best of the Best with the PRO-2 SC. The National Championship Winning Blockade tread combined with the super traction of our Soft M3 compound provides performance on any terrain.

Made in the USA

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Here it is in all its glory! The Pro-Line Racing PRO-MT Truck fully built! Well….besides all of the electronics that is! :)

Come take a look and see the last few things get put on this truck. Like the lower rear control arms, the PowerStroke Shocks, and the 2.8″ Trencher Tires on F-11 Wheels!

This truck is incredible! I am so looking forward to bashing this truck and jumping it as far I possibly can into the air! Its going to be EPIC!!!! Haha…

Considering this was my very first “KIT” build. I really do appreciate everyone watching this build series unfold…I tried my best to cover all of the different areas of the truck as well as provide some helpful information. I can certainly tell you though. I now know how to make my next kit video better! ;)

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for when I cover the electronics portion of this build!!!

If you want to know more about the Pro-Line Racing Monster truck. Click the Link below!…

Come on by the RCoverload website and forum!

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