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The 1:16 Traxxas Summit is back at it again! With another Crawling adventure threw the woods! This time with a new set of Super Swamper Tires and a waterproof Savox steering servo! 

This is a completely custom one of a kind Traxxas Summit. It is currently running an Axial 27T Brushed motor, AE2 ESC, along with some 1.9″ Pro-Line Super Swamper Tires Stretched on a set of 2.2″ Pro-Line Wheels.

Today I discovered a new location, full of rocks, hills, boulders, and anything else imaginable for crawling! With the new setup on the Mini Monster Truck. I figured it be a great opportunity to try out the new location with this RC. Besides some minor problems with the steering not being 100% strong enough for the size of the wheels that are mounted to the truck….Everything else worked flawless.

If you want to see more on this truck feel free to check out the build series and other videos about this 1/16 Summit ( A.K.A -Project APEX)…

For more information on the products shown in this video click the links below!

Pro-Line Ford F-150 Raptor SVT Body
Pro-Line Racing Super Swamper 1.9″ Tires
Pro-Line Racing Bead-loc 2.2″ Wheels

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Pro-Line Racing is always on the cutting edge of what’s new and hot. The Axial Yeti has been one of the best new platforms to hit the RC market since the Traxxas introduced the Slash Short Course Truck. Pro-Line just released two fully licensed bodies for the 1:10 Axial Yeti giving you even more options when it comes to the appearance of your rig. The Ford F-150 Raptor SVT and the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Bodies are designed to fit right over the tube chassis that makes the great scale appearance of the Yeti. Use the included window masks to let the exo-skeleton peek through the windows.

Here’s where I got them and some info from Pro-Line Racing:……

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In this quick tutorial, learn how to easily modify your PROTOform Elite-TC Wing Kit into three different configurations.

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Ever since early march when I last drove this truck threw some freezing cold water and ended up blowing the motor and ESC. I have been slowly rebuilding this jeep making it better then it was before! With new ideas and new looks….This Jeep is going to be more scale then it could have ever imagined!

I encourage you to watch this video fully on this too see everything that I have done to it up to this point. Theirs a lot of little parts and scale items, that have gone into this already. 

I will list below a few websites as to were I got some of these parts from. I’m not listing each and every part out as their would be way to many to list. However the pages below will have all the parts and info you need with just a little bit of searching.

Pro-Line Racing –

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Hello Everyone! I had the privilege of attending the Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout this year in Saugus Ca. I ended up entering myself into Pro 2 and Mod Truck. The Track was very smooth and free flowing and the traction was great initially. I had only one set of tires for my mod truck, which made things difficult for me.


My Pit spot was awesome! I got to see a lot of Top Drivers, I was close to the heat sheets and simply right in the middle of it all.


I Glued up some Pro-Line Electrons in the X2 Compound when the track was dry and they were hooked up. The traction was consistent and controllable and it kind of felt like cheating to me. I was able to get several runs on theses Tires with plenty of tread and grip left over. I absolutely fell in love with these Tires for blue groove conditions! Read the rest of this entry »

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I’m fixing my Pro-Line Rat Rod Body on my E-REVO brushless edition. This Body got wrecked and torn almost in half a while back and I’m making a real rat rod!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

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Took my E-REVO brushless edition out for a bash in a field with the Pro-Line Rat Rod Body out fitted with the Pro-Line Shockwaves on F-11 wheels.

It was a great day for a bash!

Hope you enjoy make sure to hit that subscribe button and like and comment as well!

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Pro-Line Shockwave Tires
Pro-Line Ford F-650 Body
Pro-Line F-11 Wheels

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July 30th marked the start of the 9th annual Futaba/O.S. Nitro Challenge, a race hosted by St. Louis Dirtburners, which also happens to be my local Track and club.

The conditions made the track pretty edgy and hard to be consistent on, but my Pro-Line Tires gave me all the consistent grip I could ask for and kept me in the racing line. Read the rest of this entry »

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Adam Drake from Mugen Seiki Racing talks about the Pro-Line Trifecta Lexan Wing.

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