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Immediately following the inaugural “Silver State Race” (, the Worlds best drivers head over-seas to the United Kingdom and the hosted “Neo Race”. Aptly named “NeoX”, is the 10th running of this historic event. Early reports indicate that this could be the final “Neo Race”…ever. Already a competitive event, news that this could be the final Neo elevated the competition to a new level.

Jared Tebo, winner of 5 Neo Races is riding a wave of confidence after his win at the Silver State Race just the previous weekend. Would he pull of an amazing 6th win at Neo? Or would Ty Tessmann break out of his post-IFMAR-Worlds slump? 

This Mike Garrison narrated episode of “Come Drive With Us” gives an extended behind-the-scenes look at one of the most anticipated races outside of the nitro Worlds…the Neo Race.

Special thanks: Everyone at Pro-Line Racing, Philip Mortstedt, Riccardo Acciari (24-70 Nikon was Amazing) & Stew Noble.
Additional Footage: Stew Noble Films & NeoBuggy.Net
Featuring Music by: Bear McCreary

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You have got to see this Big Giveaway that I am sharing with all of you! 

This giveaway is for anyone! I wanted to give something back to all of you for the amazing support that you have given me as my RC YouTube channel has grown over the past year and a half!

With surpassing over 5000 subscribers, its been an exciting journey with lots of ups and downs along the way. But the best part is you all have been their for me constantly entertaining yourself with my videos and really letting me know how much you all enjoy, what I do here on YouTube! So….THANK YOU!

A big special thanks goes out to Pro-Line Racing for helping out with this awesome RC Swag and goodies! Make a comment in the description box of how much your appreciate what Pro-Line Racing does with the RC community and their products!

This giveaway contains some really awesome products! check it out below! Read the rest of this entry »

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When choosing a shock for the Axial Wraith SpawnZilla Build, I wanted the best. Pro-Line’s PowerStroke Shocks have been around for a while and I have used them on so many applications, that it just made sense to fit a new set to the Legendary SpawnZilla Build. 

In this video, I show how to fill and bleed the PowerStrokes to my liking.

Want to see what’s going on at The RCNetwork at this very moment? Check out my FaceBook page:…

Here’s where I got my PowerStrokes:
Rear Spring Tuning Kit:…

This is a pair of Rear PowerStroke Short Course Shocks. Enhance the overall performance of your stock Slash® and Slash® 4X4, ProTrac Suspension Kit Slash, SC10, Blitz or Ultima SC with PowerStroke Shocks. Pair with the Front shock kit for an unbeatable combination. Aluminum shock body and cap and beefy 3.5mm shafts make this PowerStroke Shock kit one of the most important SC upgrades available on the market. If you are going to select one performance upgrade for your Short Course truck we recommend the Pro-Line PowerStroke SC Shocks! Read the rest of this entry »

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Featuring Pro-Line Team Driver Peter Bartlett and Pro-Line M3 (Soft) Suppressors

Pro-Line Suppressor M3 Tires are by far the best on 106 RacePark’s new layout!” – Peter Bartlett

106 Race Park:…

949 Productions:…

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2.2″ Prime MC for Front and Rear

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I take 1st place and 2nd TQ with Traxxas Slash 4WD and my son 3rd place with the same truck both on P-L Gadiators.
My son takes 3rd place in 2WD with his Traxxas Slash  on P-L Caliber 2.0.
Thank you Pro-Line.

The first officially Race on our new RCP Pilsen Race track 21.6.2015. Categories: 4WD SCT, 2WD SCT, hobby 1:10.

Very succesfull beginning of racing on our own club track.

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Pro-Line has a new Street Tire for 2.8” Monster Truck fans specifically designed for High Speed fun! The Prime 2.8” is almost a complete slick tire that will put the maximum amount of rubber down on asphalt and concrete for incredible traction. The Prime 2.8” tire comes with Pro-Line’s 2.8” Closed Cell Foam and a specifically designed tire carcass shape that prevents extreme tire expansion for high speed runs! The smooth sidewall of the Prime 2.8” allows for controllable slides and burnouts on the street where normal treaded Tires would cause the dreaded catch and flip. Bring a whole new level of street fun to your 2.8” Monster Truck with Pro-Line’s new Prime!!

The Prime 2.8” comes Pre-Mounted on F-11 2.8” (Traxxas® Style Bead) Black Wheels for the Electric Stampede® / Rustler® Rear. The F-11 style wheel brings the tough and rugged look of full-size trucks straight to your vehicle! The satin black finish of this super durable wheel will make your truck stand out from the rest. The Wheel features a molded-in bead-loc ring and lug nuts, 11 triangulated spokes and a scale P-L logo. This is a 12mm hex must have wheel for all Pro-Line fans! 

Prime 2.8″ (Traxxas Style Bead) All Terrain Tires Mounted
for Electric Stampede/Rustler Rear, Mounted on F-11 Black Rear Wheels
Product ID : 10116-15…

Prime 2.8″ (Traxxas Style Bead) All Terrain Tires Mounted
for JATO, Nitro Stampede/Rustler Rear or Electric Stampede/Rustler Front and PRO-MT, Stampede 4X4 Front and Rear Mounted on F-11 Black Wheels
Product ID : 10116-14…

Looking for some other 1:10 Monster Truck tires? Check out our entire line-up here:…

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The Ashley Cup 3, charity event for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

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Get up close and personal with PROTOform’s officially-licensed Cadillac ATS-V.R race body for 190mm touring cars.

Cadillac ATS-V.R Clear Body
for 190mm TC
Part #: 1543-30

For more info or to buy yours today:……

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Check out the new Pro-Line Roll Up Pit Mat video #prolineracing

See more Pro-Line videos HERE

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