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Aaron Hess podiums 5 out of 6 classes at Shaws RC Track in Ardmore, Oklahoma with LockDown X3s and Blockade X2s.
Track was a fun layout with very little grip as temps reach near 100 degrees.
Pro-Line kept us up front all day with best tires for these conditions.
Special Thanks to Matt Wallace for his help with the PRO-2 SC.

sct2wd67 ntruggy67 nbuggy67 etruggy67 pro267

Outlaw SCB TQ & 1st  with a NEW Track Record
Open 2wd SCT qualified 2nd finished 1st with Pro-Line PRO-2 kit
E-Truggy qualified 3rd finished 2nd
N-Buggy qualified 2nd finished 2nd
N-Truggy qualified 2nd finished 2nd
E-Buggy qualified 4th and broke

List of items used
SCB: F-11 black wheels, Slicers M2 front, Blockade M3 rear
SCT: PRO-2 kit, F-11 black wheels, Slicers M3 front, Blockade M3 rear
T-Truggy: BullDog body, Blockade x2, VTR yellow wheels, high down force yellow wing, P-L 17mm wheel nuts
N-Buggy: BullDog body, LockDown X3, Velocity yellow wheels, high down force yellow wing, P-L 17mm wheel nuts
N-Truggy: BullDog body, Blockade X2, VTR yellow wheels, high down force yellow wing, P-L 17mm wheel nuts
E-Buggy: LockDown X3,Velocity yellow wheels, high down force yellow wing, P-L 17mm wheel nuts

- Aaron Hess

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Coyote Hobbies/ Pro-Line Mid-Summer Shootout
Victorville, CA | 6-7-2014

By Chris Blais:

This year would be the 4th Anniversary of the Coyote Hobbies/ Pro-Line Mid-Summer Shootout. This year we would be running a 2 day event with 3 qualifiers on Saturday and Triple A-Main format on Sunday. This year my brother would have to miss this event and leave myself, Martin Blais, and Kyle Carpenter to represent the Blais Racing/ Coyote Hobbies team.


First up would be PRO4 with just myself and Rudy Rico this year. We raced with the Sportsman 4×4 SC drivers against ourselves which was interesting with all the traffic. Myself and Rudy were within a few seconds or less every qualifier but he would edge me out each time. My truck was dialed at my home track with my Pro-Line ION tires, Venom batteries, Tekin Electronics, and Airtronics radio equipment. In the main events it would be the same scenario again with Rudy Rico just edging me out in the end. On the last lap of the 2nd A-Main I was able to make the pass on Rudy when he made a mistake but he was able to jump out of the section slightly cutting the corner giving him the lead back for the last few turns. I was a little bummed as it would have been down to the last A-Main if I would have won that one. Next Time! Read the rest of this entry »

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IMG_1179 (1)IMG_1818IMG_7902goshen fair

So last weekend kicked off the 5th annual Race for the CURE this race used to be put on by pin shop hobbies and it is run during a fair in the town of Goshen, CT. With Pin Shop Hobbies closing the doors the owner of the shop got a hold of Lester from Wolcott Hobbys and airsoft to see if he would be interested in running the event for him with help from the owners of the old Pin Shop store. Read the rest of this entry »

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This past weekend I was at Control Chaos Raceway for the round 5 of the JBRL Series. The track was very difficult due to the fact that I have personally never raced on a sugared track. It was not difficult to find traction with my MX Compound Scrubs on the front with MX Suburbs in the rear. I ran Stock Buggy and Stock Short Course.

On Saturday I started the day off with the Top qualifier in stock buggy, but going into the second round I had a few errors that did not allow me to better my time.

Going into the main I started third on the grid. After the start of the race I broke away from the pack and lead the race to the finish. I finished 1st in Stock Buggy and 8th place in the Stock Short Course class which would bring tough competition with the amount of local racers who attended. A big thanks to my sponsors Coyote Hobbies Raceway, Pro-Line, and DA Designs.


- Austin Pannone


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Basic RGB

Race number two of THE Series presented by Pro-Line was this past weekend at Litchfield, MI. Thanks to Ken Hamilton for allowing us to visit one of the oldest tracks in the state year after year. Also a big thanks to Shawn Smith and the racers for helping keep the old school rough farm dirt track maintained all day. With the current direction tracks are taking with clay and sugar, it’s nice to go run where the only concern is if you have a tire with big enough tread.

Those that hung out Friday after practice would see Kimberly propose to Jason Blades out on the track. The video is on our FB page. Congrats!

Saturday racing started on time with 193 entries. We were able to finish up three rounds of qualifiers and the mains by 8:15pm. No racing under the lights this year.

ModX Mod Buggy would see a three way battle between Team Associated’s Kai Goff, X-Factory’s Paul Sinclair, and John McIntosh go on for the entire main with McIntosh securing the victory. He would also go on to win Bluebird Servos Mod 4wd Buggy. Venom team driver Mike Ciresi would take the victory in Mod Truck. Bryan Boucher would fend off TLR factory driver Jeff Abler to take the win in X-Factory Stock Buggy. Even with a few mistakes, Team Associated factory driver Kai Goff would hold on for the win in Mod 2wd SC.

THE Series would like to thank Pro-Line Racing and all the 2014 sponsors for everything they do. Thanks to the racers for the continual support. See everyone July 12 at Stateline Raceway for round three!

Full results, points, and pictures can be found at

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When: Friday the 13th      :/
Where: LCRC Raceway
Race: Annual Party Rock Race
Classes:  E-Truggy, 2wd SCT
Race setup: 2 rounds of heats and single A-Mains


1st round: I set TQ while 7.5 seconds ahead of 2nd place as my truck was bottoming out over the big jumps.
2nd round: Heading out for this round I raised the rear droop and this made my truck super smooth on the landings and I reset TQ ahead by 9 seconds!!!!
A-Main: I led start to finish with a flawless run while on cruise control.
Overall: My truck was awesome as always and I TQ’d and won out of a full 12 trucks.  I am 4 for 4 in TQ and wins with my E-Truggy!!!!!! This is the biggest streak I have ever had with any of my vehicles!! I love it!!!!
Equipment Used: Tekno ET48, Pro-Line Blockades (M3), Venom battery soon Read the rest of this entry »

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Round 4 of the Indy RC World Spring Series was held in Garland Texas.

Mark Santa Maria drove his Tekno EB48.2 fitted with Pro-Line DiamondBacks x3 to 2nd place and his Tekno SCT410 fitted with Pro-Line Blockade M3s to its fourth consecutive TQ and Win in Pro4.

Santa Maria continues to lead the series in Pro4 and E-Buggy.

“The new X compounds from Pro-Line are unmatched on this track”

- Mark

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Several Oklahoma and Texas drivers converged at Shaw’s RC Trophy Event held in Ardmore Oklahoma.

Mark Santa Maria drove his Tekno SCT410, EB48.2 and NB48 to the podium taking the win in all 3 classes including a TQ in E-Buggy.

All three Tekno cars were dialed in with Pro-Line M3 Blockades.

Pro-Line Blockades were perfect… great traction without being too edgy”

- Mark

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2014 Jc Truggy First

Last weekend we traveled 6 1/2 hours to Tacoma R/C Raceway in Omaha, Nebraska for the Jconcepts Spring Nats. Seth would enter Expert Buggy and Expert Truggy and E-Buggy.

2014 Jc pit area

In Buggy we struggled in qualifying with engine problems which put us starting 2nd in the B-main. Seth and I put in a last minute practice session after qualifying to test more tires trying to find a tire that he could drive comfortably for the long races. We decided the Blockade in M4 or M3 depending on how sticky the track was at race time. Not long into the B-main, Seth was out front and looking good. At the end of the 30 minute race Seth was still out front. Moving on to the A-main.

2014 Jc Truggy Podium 2014 Jc Sportsman Truggy Podium 2014 Jc Buggy podium


Middle Picture is Sportsman Truggy Winner  having driven his Hot Bodies D8T to victory. His name is Kyle Praske, He’s one of my local racers who I have been helping with set up and tuning his engine. Both Kyle’s and Seth’s Trucks are The new Tessmann edition trucks!

Next up was the first of three A-mains for E-Buggy. Seth qualified 3rd. In the First A-main Seth worked his way out front and was battling with Kysho’s Zach Phillips and then TLR’s Tyler Jones when the two got together and Seth got the worse end of it. Dropping him back and finishing 5th. Second Main Seth went out testing roll center adjustments for Nitro Buggy A-Main. Let’s just say he didn’t like the change, finishing 8th. In the third A-Main Seth was challenging TLR’s Tyler Jones for the top spot early and made his own mistake and dropped him back to 8th and with a late race charge ending the 10 minute main with the fastest lap and the 3rd place spot. Giving him 6th place over all.

Expert Truggy A-main, Seth TQ’d and would start the 45-minute race from the point and would battle with AE’s Chad Parks and TLR’s Tyler Jones for the top spot. With Chad Parks out early at the 6 minute mark. Pit stops would be key. The mid day humidity was frustrating for both drivers having the engines flame out while pitting. With half of the 45 minute final to go, the back and forth battle was intense, but with one less pit stop Seth had the clear advantage. At the end, only Seth would make it by before the tone sounded giving him the victory lap to celebrate. This is the second year in a row he has won the Expert Truggy class at this race.

Expert Buggy A-Main, Seth would bump in by winning the B-main and start 11th on the 12 car grid. At the start Seth stayed in line waiting for the crashes to happen. By the 3rd lap he was up to 5th and on the tail of Nick Gibson, Taylor Timmerman and Kendall Welch all battling for the 2nd spot. After the first pit stop Seth would be in 2nd and over a 1/2 lap down from the leader Tyler Jones. The race pretty boring in the middle and would heat up at the end with a battle between Chad Parks and Seth for the 2nd spot. Seth ending up finishing 3rd! After facing adverisity having to bump into the A-main. I was very proud to see him drive his way to the front and end his day on the podium.

Here’s some links to results:

- Seth VanDalen

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This past weekend, June 1st I attended the first round of a local points series called the Northeast Super Series; also known as N.E.S.S. It’s a four round series between Wolcott Hobby and Raceway in Wolcott, CT and Barnstormers in Chester, NY. Rounds 1 and 3 will be held at Wolcott Hobby and rounds 2 and 4 are at Barnstormers. For round 1 there were 120+ entries creating great racing in every class with many fast drivers. When I arrived I quickly set up my pit and began to prep my car. The format for the day would be 2 five minute qualifiers followed by the mains. The A-main for nitro buggy would be 25 minutes. Open practice got kicked off at 9:30 am sharp and racing began at 11. The layout was the exact same as the CT State championship held there a week before. Wolcott Hobby is my home track so I had plenty of practice before hand, and I also spent the morning breaking in a new engine. My first time hitting the track would be my first qualifier. Read the rest of this entry »

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