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Went to Mississippi to race the Short Course Modified Nationals in Southaven, Mississippi.

I also ran in two other classes Midwest Mod and Wingless Warrior. I ended up TQ, and won in the SC modified in class I also TQ and won the Wingless Warrior class and I ended up second in the Midwest Modified class was running Pro-Line Hole Shots on my SC Modified I was also running Hole Shots on my wingless warrior and Electrons on my Midwest Modified all Super Soft (M4) compound, all cars ran with LRP Flow ESC and Motors, Spektrum Radio, SMC Lipos, and Savox Servos.

eg3 eg1

Thanks Pro-Line Racing and Bodies by Ed for the support in 2015!

– Eric Gann

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On Sunday I attended the Tri-State E-Championships at Wolcott Hobby and Raceway.

My Primes on my 2WD Short Course were great all day long.

I TQ’d and Won the A-Main on Primes.

In 17.5 Buggy my Primes were excellent I started 3rd in A-Main and finished 4th in the A-Main.

In 4WD Short Course I TQ’d and Won the A-Main with my Electrons.

In 4WD Buggy I qualified 2nd in the B-Main and finished 2nd in the B-Main with Primes.

In 1:8 E-Buggy I qualified 2nd and Won the A-Main with Electrons.

Thanks Pro-Line for the Best Tires in the business.


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PLRace3Products Pro-LineWinnersRace3

Race 3 of the Coral Springs RC Track South Florida Off Road Championship Series II had the feel of Autumn in the air. After some brief showers the night before, the track was in the best shape of the series. We also had a new class “Nitro” and we’re hoping to see it finish out the series. We opened the gates at 7 AM with qualifiers starting just after 9 AM. Everybody just knew, this was going to be a great race day.
The 2WD Stock Buggy class had thirteen entries who basically ran together all day long. Corey Record took the first heat, easily. Due to marshaling issues we switched things around moving the second stock class (13.5 4WD Buggy) up giving them the opportunity to get in earlier than usual. David Iler took full advantage and the first heat win. Mod. Stadium Truck was up next, Bart Collins did what he always does…win! A smaller than usual 2WD Mod. Buggy class barely got the amount of entries to run but just made it, Corey Record got the opening round victory. Daniel Paz squeaked by Jader Lopez with a 0.846 to win during the first round of 4WD Mod. Buggy. Pro 4 Mod. SCT Race 3 saw the renewed Paz/Kranz war and after the first heat, Paz was on top by under four seconds. E buggy was the days largest class and the early win went to Jader Lopez breaking into the 23 club with a 23.943. Finally, we got a Nitro class going and Bart Collins easily took the first qualifier. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Benefit Clinic for Fight Against Childhood Leukemia went really well and everyone had a great time!!

I had a small class of 14 people. We went over everything from Gluing Tires, car preparation, setups, engine tuning and on track driving techniques!

Clinic started at 10am and we finished at 4pm.

I want to thank Pro-Line for all the support!

– Phillip Atondo

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Tacoma R/C Raceway hosted the NorthWest Indoor Series Round 1 this past weekend,

I was able to TQ and Win A1 and A2 to lock up the win in Stock Truck running my MC Electrons with Pro-Line Inserts.

Thanks for the great product!

– Jonn Hubbert

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Last weekend was the first annual U.S. Open Fuel Championships at Fear Farm Raceway in Arizona. Since this was the first time the event was being held, they had a little different format than usual with betting going on in the main events. That not only allowed for the winner to get some of the money but the person who was betting as well. Plus the fact that if you were able to win all three classes there was a minimum cash payout of $1,000 and could go up to $3,000 depending on the amount of entries.

The track was also very good straight from the start. Levi Jackson put in a really fun and awesome layout and the best part was that the track was ultra-smooth and packed in and held up the entire weekend.

Friday was the start to the event and only being practice that day allowed for the people to get 4 runs per class with the third and fourth round being seeding rounds.  They took your best three laps out of either rounds and then put you into runs with other people that where the same or close to your times for qualifying. Saturday was the start of actual racing and I was able to get into all the A qualifier groups for both Nitro Buggy and truggy as well as E-buggy.


For all of qualifying I ran either M3 Hole Shots or X3 Hole Shots depending on what the water schedule was and how dry or wet the track was. Even though this is my home track the track is actually never like it was at this event it was more like what it would be like at Nitro challenge where the track gets packed in and has a groove through it so tire choice was kind of questionable as to what to run for most local guys. I think the best was the Hole Shots as there really wasn’t much fluff on the track so the tire really performed well with all my cars and was extremely good in the groove. In qualifying both my nitro buggy and my E-buggy were really good and did not really need any changes after practice. As for my truck, I changed a thing or two to try and get some more steering for it. After qualifying was finished I had qualified 7th in truggy, 3rd in the even semi for nitro buggy, and 6th in E-buggy.


As for Sunday day which was main day everything kicked off pretty early with E-Buggy where I started 6th for the 10-minute main. As for the start everything seemed to go pretty well for me and I was able to stay in the position I started and was battling with some of the guys in front of me and behind me as well. Overall my car was extremely good and handled the track really well and I had good grip using M3 Hole Shots which was a good choice for tire on the damp track and I was able to get finish right where I started with a good battle for most of the race.

The next race was the 30-minute semi for Nitro Buggy and with it being a longer race, tires were now a larger pin as something small wouldn’t last too long on the dry track conditions. My choice was the between the X3 Suppressor and the X3 Blockades so I went the extra safe route and chose the Blockade as I knew it would last the 30-minutes for the semi and hour long in the main later on. I also ran the Blockade just to be use to it for when the main came around as well. It was a pretty uneventful race my car, tires, and engine were all great and I finished right where I started which meant I would start 6th in the hour long main and was really looking forward to it as my buggy felt really good.

As for truggy I decided to run the X3 Hole Shots as I knew some people ran them in the main at nitro challenge in truggy and they lasted the whole run.  The main in truck was pretty good I was able to run hard right from the start with Hole Shots and had a good battle in 6th until people in the front of the pack started having problems or breaking which allowed me to move up more and more and able to finish in 4thI also still had tread on my tires after the run and was extremely happy that they could make the 45-minutes and will take it into consideration for big races with long mains in truggy at Fear Farm.


The final race of the weekend was the hour long buggy final. The start was pretty horrible for me I gave a little tap to the guy in front of me and had to slow way down and then got taken out from behind over the step up and was pretty much in last place after the first corner. But I made a hard charge and was able to get myself all the way back up to 6th before I had a problem with my car at the 50-minute mark and had to go back to the pits and fix it real quick and jump back out to finish out 10th after not being on the track for a few minutes.

Unfortunately the start really didn’t go the way I wanted to and I wonder what would happen if the start didn’t go the way it did and the problems with my car had not happen as my car felt really good and I think I would have been able to do better. During the main everything was great my car and the setup felt awesome, tires felt really good, and my engine was awesome as well I just had some bad luck.

Overall the whole weekend was a success and learned a lot about the track when it is packed in like it was and hopefully the knowledge will work out for some bigger races held there like Nitro Challenge in February.

I would also like to take a second to say thanks to HB/HPI Racing, Pro-Line and O.S. Engines for the support on and off the track and all my products worked great the entire weekend.

Tanner Stees

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Daytona Off-Road RC / River Rat Points Series

Finally the time came for the 1st round of Daytona Offroad RC/River Rat Points Series at River Rat RC November 14th 2015

The track was in great shape and looked to have a lot of traction. We started off using  Pro-Line Holeshots in front and rear of our 2wd B5m buggy with some FTM Grip Blast on
the tires. My Buggy felt very good. I finished 6th in both qualfiers. By the time for the mains the track was a bit different because the sun came out and other cars started grooving the track.
So for the mains we started 6th and decided to use Pro-Line 4 Ribs on the front and Pro-Line  Square Fuzzies for the rear and some more FTM Grips on the tires. The car was really hooked
up. There was alot of tight racing and we ended up finishing 4th in the A-main.

I feel this is a good start to the 4 race points series being 4th in points.

Next we head to Daytona for Round 2 of the series. I woukd like to thank #prolineracing, #ftmgrip, #bocabearings and #riverratrc for their support.



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The Horizon Hobby Off-Road Championship has come to a close. It was a great week of practice, qualifyers, racing and just hanging out with the Trackside crew. Qualified 12th in Stock Short course placing me in the B-main. I sat 4th on the grid next to Matt Brandenburg. For the first 4-mins the top two and myself broke off from the pack and were bumper to bumper, not giving an inch. We ran supper clean, only having a few small errors. In the end it came down to me and Brandenburg battling for the last bump spot. He ended up just beating me for the bump to the A-main putting me in 11th overall, an improvement over last years 15th place. Going into this race I was hoping to improve on last years performance, but also I knew I had a good chance at the A-main.

My Team Associated SC5m was hooked up all weekend on @prolineracing Electrons.
Special thanks my family, Pro-Line, Vectorworks, Adam Gratz for an emergency speed control, Larry III Wright for the entertainment for the weekend, and the Trackside crew for a great putting on a great event.

Clay Wahlstedt Horizon Hobby Off-road Championship
My SC5m looking good with the Pro-Line SC5m Body, F-11 rims and Electrons.


The Pro-Line Electrons glued to the Trackside dirt!
Thank you to Pro-Line Racing for the continued support!

Pro-Line products used:

SC5m Body

Electron SC (clay) tires

F-11 rims

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Hello all,

I had an awesome time over at RC Clubhouse Hobby Shop & Race Track this past weekend and it was my first time there. Surface was super grippy and challenging to get used to at first but by the end of the day it turned out pretty good.

In 4WD I ran Pro-Line Prime’s Clay Compound and they were dialed in and me running slicks for the first time was interesting. I got to run E-Buggy, thanks to Abiye Birku for the rental car for the day, greatly appreciated. I also ran Prime’s Clay compound on that as well.

In the 4WD Buggy main and qualified 7th and finished 6th which was decent considering the amount of competition there was.

In E-Buggy I took the TQ and finished 2nd. 

Thanks for the great company: JB John Ben Catricala, Alex Nelles, Eric Devos, Brian ‘Gump’ Belanger, Bradley Rippee and Abiye Birku.

P1010165 P1010213

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As October came around, Landen Lewis was in for a busy schedule.  Three weekends spread all throughout Florida against the State’s best drivers.  The overall results were amazing:

Pro E-Buggy: 2 TQ’s, 2 Wins and 1 2nd Place finish

Pro Nitro Buggy: 1 TQ, 1 2nd Place, and 1 3rd place.

So, in 9 entries, that is 8 Top 3 finishes. Read the rest of this entry »

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