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So far for the second points race I have TQ’d 17.5 and qualified 3rd in PRO-2 SC and qualified 10th in Pro4.

At the end of the mains I received 2nd in 17.5 SC.

Had a battle the whole race but the motor started overheating on the last lap. Second place and I were a lap ahead luckily because the ESC shut off in safety mode halfway through the last lap.

In PRO-2 I made a quick motor swap to my Murfdogg 17.5 and went to race. I finished 6th, just not the correct gearing for it.

4WD I had a DNF from a screw breaking on the shock.

In the end it was a fun day!

The Pro-Line parts and MIP Ball Diff and CVDs held up till the end and helped so much for that TQ and amazing A-Main race.


Parts used: 2WD ProTrac Suspension Kit with the front hub adapters, PRO-2 Clamping Hexs on the rear and front. The Pro-Line Tazers hooked up and gave me the traction I needed. Had the front end dialed using the Pro-Line Snipers up front. Steering this truck had amazing speed coming into the corners and leaving the corner with the MIP Ball Diff and CVDs.

Couldn’t have done it with out my two sponsors! Thanks Pro-Line and MIP for the equipment and support!

The Pro-Line products used are; Pro-Line FLO-TEK Ford Raptor SVT body, Pro-Line Tazer tires M3, Pr0-Line Protrac kit 2WD, PRO-2 front bulkhead and bumper, PRO-2 hinge pins, PRO-2 front hub kit, rear clamping hexs, Pro-Line Closed Cell Foam, and Pro-Line 4mm tire nuts on all trucks.

Let’s go race!

-Dylan Hunter

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photo 2

I had a great weekend at Bring the Heat in Flowood, MS.

I TQ’d all three rounds of qualifying Buggy and took the win followed by TLR / Pro-Line teammates Billy Fischer

and Chandler Elliot Read the rest of this entry »

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Fastlane RC Raceway

Awesome August 2014


I made the trip to Fastlane Raceway for their Awesome August 2014, this was the last outdoor 1/8 scale race for them. The turnout was lower than expected but the competition didn’t suffer. I raced both my nitro and electric Xray XB8’s. The track layout was very fun and challenging, but the surface was so grooved and butter smooth, it reminded me of my on-road racing days. With little to no dust and a deep blue groove, every tire I tried worked well. Throughout the day I ran M3 and X3 Holeshots, X3 Lockdowns, and X3 Blockades.

Qualifying went well for me. I was able to put in top 3 runs with both cars. Also I was able to put in TQ runs in both nitro and electric in the last round of qualifying. After the qual points were added up, I started 3rd in elec, and 2nd in nitro.

For the mains I stuck with X3 Blockades as they were the most consistent on the hot blue grooved track surface.

In my nitro main, I battled for the lead all throughout the full 30-min final. My consistent laps and not making any mistakes was the key for winning the main. My Blockades allowed me to have the speed I needed, and lasted long enough to give me consistent grip throughout my race to take the win. In electric, I was in the hunt for a podium spot, until my batteries gave up halfway through my main. So I ended up with a DNF in elec.


Overall it was a great race weekend. Both my cars worked great, and my Pro-Line tires never let me down. I would like to say thanks to all my sponsors for the 2014 season,

Pro-Line, Byrons Fuel, Castle Creations, Airtronics, Xray, Rcamerica, Hudy, Lutz R/C, Boom R/C, and a special thanks to Riggs designs for the awesome paint work.

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Had a great weekend! My TLR and Pro-Line Hole Shot M3 Tires had me on a TQ pace all weekend.

Thanks Pro-Line!

IMG_1484 IMG_1480

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alone neoc nitro

So last weekend I attended the Horizon Hobbies Air Meet / NEOC race in Sanford, Maine. I last went to this race two years ago when it was at the same facility, and it was a great time with off road racing, on road racing and rock crawling. The air show included jets, planes, and helicopters.  There was a ton of stuff to do or watch.

We packed up the truck and trailer thursday night after work to get started on the three hour drive north. We arrived around eight thirty Thursday night and checked into the hotel, then tried to find some dinner (that was a tuff thing snce its a seasonal town everything seemed to close at eight) after finally finding a pizza place that was open. We sat down and ate while bench racing and all the trash talk was staring before we even saw the track. Read the rest of this entry »

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This past Friday night I was at Bush River Raceway in Columbia, SC where I was able to TQ and take the A-Main win.

I was running 4-Ribs and Blockades in qualifying.

For the Main I stayed with Ribs in the front and switched to M3 Tazers for the rear.

Glad to put Pro-Line on the podium again.

- Stephen Wood

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This past Wednesday night Rocky Mountain R/C Raceway held the final round of the Wednesday Night Points Series.

The series was the best 7 of 10 rounds so consistency over the entire summer was critical.

I took the win in both Mod 2wd Buggy and 17.5 Buggy. I ran M4 Suburbs on the rear of my cars, with M4 Transistors on the front. I also equipped Phantom Bodies and Trifecta wings on my Associated B5 Buggies.

2 1

- Zeke Ballinger

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I attended the Horizon Hobby Air Meet in Sanford, Maine.


Maximus Hobbies had their Northeast Off-Road Champs.

I raced 1:8 E-Buggy and 4WD SCT and was able to take down the win in both.

My trucks were hooked up all weekend on M3 & M4 Blockades (1:8 Buggy – M3, M4 / SCT – M3, M4 ).

Thank you!

-Carl Doran

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LRH Hobbies has been known for being a track strictly just for practice but, as of late they have been getting together and doing some weekly club racing. On Labor day, they decided to put together their first large event and the turnout was above what was expected. With just over a 120 entries it was going to be a great day of racing. Pro-Line Drivers Nick Wautlet and Nick Miller were on hand running in the in both the Modified 2WD and 4WD classes.

In the 4WD Buggy class, Nick Miller was the man to beat in qualifying with his Hot Bodies D413 sporting the New MC Electron VTR tires and wheels. Nick Wautlet did everything he could to try and take the TQ away with his Team Associated B44.1 on MC IONs but, was not able to get it done. The Main would be setup with Miller on the pole, Wautlet 2nd and Rudy Rico 3rd.

In the 7-minute Main, Miller got out a great start. After a couple laps, a bobble from Wautlet would Rico to the 2nd spot. The three drivers had an all out battle but, after the 3-minute mark it looked like Miller was starting to get away as Rico and Wautlet battled for the 2nd spot. Wautlet ran consistent laps with almost no mistakes but, it was going to take a costly mistake from Miller for him to catch up. Unfortunately, for Miller that costly mistake came in the form of a lapper. With just over 2-Minutes to go Wautlet was now right on the back door looking for a way around. He tried to make a pass on the inside in one corner but could not make it stick, Miller shut the door on him in the following corner. Coming into the one of the doubles Wautlet went inside on the corner and made a fairly aggressive pass causing Miller to go for a spin. Once Miller straightened back out he set his sights on the leader and went after him. With all this going on, it allowed Wautlet to pull away and Rico catch up. When the final tone went off, it would Wautlet crossing the line first, Miller in second and Rico third.


We would like to Thank Lorenzo for the great race and we hope to see more races from this awesome facility!

Thank You,
Nick Wautlet

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photo 1

This past weekend Elliott attended the last round of the BRCA 1:8 National Championships at a really well presented track at Slough, near London.  There was to be 5 rounds of qualifying, 3 rounds to count.  The track was all dirt with some concrete corners.


Elliott’s choice of tyre for qualifying was to be a Blockade X3, which worked extremely well and made the car easy to drive with lots of traction, which he was able to take the TQ spot halfway through qualifying.  He then decided to switch to the X3 Diamond Back, which he felt made the car a little faster for him, but we did then decide that the Diamond Back X3 would be his choice for his Semi Final as he used this tyre last year at this event. Read the rest of this entry »

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