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TQ in Pro-2 with my Pro-Line Racing PRO-2 SC, Speed passion power kept me on the pace and ahead!

I Ran the Pro-Line Flo-Tek Body and in the Pit I used the Pro-Line Roll-up Pit Mat

The Dayton Hobby Shop annual Charity race went great!

Dallas 2


Dallas Pruett

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Finally got to race this summer and had a really fun weekend at the Novarossi Challenge at Barnstormers RC Raceway in Chester, NY with special thanks to Rohan Grant for hosting the 3 day event, I think there was something like 130-150 entries and the program was very smooth and there were a few big names who are always exciting to watch. It was my first weekend on the HB chassis and I was very impressed.

Ran Pro-Line Hole Shots, VTR Wheels, and Enforcer Body. Worked on my cars in the pits on my Pro-line Car Stand. Read the rest of this entry »

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Great time racing yesterday with all the Team Caster Guys!

Our Pro-Line Stunners were hooked up all day on SC.

Daniel went with Pro-Line Lockdowns on his Buggy witch proved to be very consistent.

Our Caster kits ran well all day for Daniel and I.

Also big Thanks to Boca Bearing’s for keeping us Rolling!

– Patrick Ireland

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Last night at Outback Raceway in Wheeler I ran my Mod 2WD Buggy and Won the first round and finished second in the second round.

I ran Pro-Line MC Electrons on all my cars. And had great traction all night long!

In Stock Truck I had a good run in the first qualifier and the second qualifier also and end up with the TQ. And in Pro Stock Buggy we had a full class. In round one I finished third and had some minor mistakes. Read the rest of this entry »


This past weekend was round five of the JBRL Nitro Series at Heritage R/C Park in Chula Vista, CA.  The nearly 200 entries made for a long day, but the racing was great with a number of talented driver’s in attendance.  The Heritage R/C crew did an amazing job putting in a fresh layout for the event and the track had awesome traction both wet and dry. Read the rest of this entry »

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Willow Farm RC Raceway Presents
2015 Fall Fest
to be held October 9-11
Contact Jason Carnahan (724) 840-1615
or visit for more information

Download Flyer

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Good times this past weekend at Summit RC Raceway in Ft Wayne, IN for the 3rd round of the Northern Indiana Summer Series.

Was able to TQ both 2WD Buggy Mod and 2WD SC Mod. Came away with a 1st in SC and a 2nd in Buggy.

Thanks to Pro-Line Racing and Daniel Adams, Maclan Racing, Schelle Racing Innovations, Exotek Racing, Team Trinity, and HRP.

Used combo of M3 Hole Shots and Blockade in Short Course along with the Flo-Tek Body.

Buggy was dialed with 4-Rib in Front and M3 Holes Shot 2.0 in the Rear gave all the traction needed along with Trifecta Wing.

David Perez

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Last weekend I raced at RC3‘s first annul Tiny Trophy Race. The race brought in many top level drivers from Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee; so the competition was tough.

I qualified 2nd in Pro Stadium Truck using prominent Hole Shots on the rear and Pro-Line 4-Ribs up front. In Pro E-Buggy I had a bit of bad luck in qualifying, but was in the A-Main out of 3 full classes of Buggies.

I was able to win the B-Main bumping to the A-Main where I finished in 7th.

I ran Pro-Line M3 Hole Shots and was hooked up all day! Thanks for your support Pro-Line!

Freddy Marsh

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FTM Grip Allen Kosier

Well we made our way down to SS Hobbies & Raceway on Saturday morning for the final round of The Central Florida RC Off Road Series. Pulled in about 7:45am and man was it packed already. 142 entries for the last round. A lot of good racing and competition going on.

Allen went in sitting 3rd in points for the 2WD Buggy class with the B5 and running Pro-Line M3 Hole Shots on Front and Pro-Line M4 Hole Shots on the Rear. He got just a small amount of practice with his car, but was hard to really get a true feel for it with all the 1:8 out there. So going in to the 1st round of quals he finished 5th. Not too bad. He looked as if he was getting faster by the end of the 1st qual. Read the rest of this entry »

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2015 Futaba Nitro Challenge held at Dirt Burners R/C Club in St. Louis, MO has come and gone once again with great racing in hot and humid weather. This year we were lucky enough to not have any threat of rain which has been a norm this year. The racing action was poised to be close with a great track build by Levi Jackson of Sik Track Designs. The layout was busy with a perfect amount of technical sections and great jump spacing. The track was ran dry past the Thursday practice causing the race line to groove up and become slick in some corners while other corners blew out to give way to moon craters. This required a firmer tire such as Pro-Lines X2 and X3 compounds. Read the rest of this entry »

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