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Québec RC series 2015

RD1 1st Expert Buggy A-Main
Awesome start for the new RC8B3

2nd in Expert Truggy A-Main.

I was using Blockade M3 in both Truggy and Buggy.

Great weekend!!!!

Thanks to Team Associated, PowerMaster Fuels, MIP & Pro-Line

– Eric Deschenes

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This past weekend we attended the Sworkz challenge at the beautiful Silver Dollar Raceway in Chico, CA. This is one of the most amazing RC facilities in the world, AMain Hobbies and Kevin Jelich did an awesome job in preparing the facility and the Track. This race attracted over 200 entries, the track surface itself was prepared in a way that gave the track it’s own unique personality, although the surface was very smooth it was very abrasive and traction varied from medium to high grip.

Pro-Line Fugitive in 1:8 Buggy and Pro-Line Suppressors in 1:8 Truck Read the rest of this entry »

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buggy podium nats

This past weekend was the Sworkz Challenge / ROAR Nats Warm-up held in Chico, California.

The race started out with a full day of practice on Friday which allowed me to do some testing. After making some adjustments to my cars they felt awesome. On Saturday there were three rounds of qualifying.

In Buggy I told myself to drive smooth and consistent as the track was very easy to overdrive. This strategy served me well as I went out and got 2nd overall in the first two qualifiers. In the last round I wanted to try some things so I changed my car and it did not improve the cars handling so I went back to what I originally had.

Pro-Line Fugitive on 1:8 Buggy Read the rest of this entry »

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Well, AMS 6.0 is in the books! What a great few days of racing with some of the best drivers in the nation, meeting up with old friends (and some new ones), and just plain fun. AMS has quickly become one of my favorite events every year because of the more casual attitude and the very organized race program. After some Maintenance and the confidence gained from the Hobbyplex, I was set to do my very best at the race that wasn’t too friendly last year.

Practice went pretty well. It was apparent right away the track would be quite different than last year. Instead of being the hard packed sandy track with dust all over the place, it instead was extremely smooth and had almost no dust (thanks to the track crew) and it started to groove up pretty quickly.

I started out with M4 Hole Shot 2.0s which were good on the developing surface, but quickly switched to M4 Electrons as they had far more all around grip and were easier to drive consistently fast. Read the rest of this entry »

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aireal view

With a forecast of sunny skies and mild temperatures for the day, I jumped in my car and headed to Piedmont, SC! Home of Shake N Bake RC Speedway affectionately referred to by the locals as SnB! A facility owned and operated by Jamie Amhrein and Nick Hartman, some hardcore, seasoned racers. Jamie and I met in early 2000 in this area, and as Jamie will tell ya, he taught me everything he knows ;) Having known these guys for a hot minute, when word went out they were building a track I knew it is gonna be big and its gonna be FAST! Let me elaborate on that last part. This place regularly pulls in seasoned world and national level talent ( Barry Pettit is a prime example, but is one of several ). If you think your fast, this is the place to prove it. Talk all ya want, but when you roll through those gates to enter SnB speedway, all I gotta say is you better have your big boy pants on! Read the rest of this entry »

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I attended round 2 of the RC Pro Series this past weekend at Gulf Coast Raceway in Porter, Texas.

The turnout was a bit light, but there was still great racing to be had on a really fast and fun layout, and was a good opportunity for me to get my Nitro Buggy shaken down before I head to the Nitro Nationals in just over a week!

In qualifying I TQ’d rounds 1 and 2 using Electrons in the MC compound, and for round 3 I decided to try Fugitives in X3 and I ended up TQ In that round as well beating my previous TQ by 7-seconds! Which locked me in for the overall TQ!

For the 45-minute Main I decided to go with Fugitives in X3.

They were really hooked up from start to finish of the 45-minute main with little to no fade.

I finished in first ahead of Pro-Line Teammate Robbie Darby who used X3 Fugitives as well.

– Jake Dellinger

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Download Flyer

June 13, 2015
No Limit R/C of Maryland – 2800 Sollers Point Rd., Baltimore, MD 21222
7th Anniversary Race
Registration at 9AM/Drivers Meeting at 10AM

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Mark Santa Maria takes 1st place in 4WD Short Course at Gulf Coast Raceway in Houston, TX for the RC Pro Series Round 2.

Despite not finishing a single qualifier due to electrical issues, Mark won A-Main 2 posting the fastest time of the weekend in 4WD Short Course giving him the tie breaker and overall win!

“I was running Pro-Line M3 Blockades in qualifiers and A-Main 1 to get better tire wear. After falling short of 1st place in A1 by a few seconds, I knew I needed just a little more. Pro-Line M3 Hole Shot 2.0s were the answer!”

– Mark Santa Maria

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This past weekend I attended Silver Dollar Raceway in Chico, California for the Sworkz Challenge/Nationals Warmup Race. We arrived at the track late Thursday night so we would be able to relax and be ready for Friday practice to come. I decided to race my Tekno EB48.2 E-Buggy as well as my NB48 Nitro Buggy. Practice went pretty good as I felt I had pretty good pace in both of my classes. Everyone including myself were debating on tire selection, I was able to settle on X3 and X2 Blockades, which was surprising to me because most people went with Fugitive Tires. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sunday and it was time to get the SRS Series underway with Round One at Sloughs all new layout track.

We awoke at 6 and took a look out the window and were greeted with rain, not ideal but hoped getting to the track it would be a little different.

We arrived at the track shortly after 7:30 and to our surprise the track looked in very good condition, the rain had been needed according to the track builders. The new layout looked great and we hoped the weather would stay dry and allow for a great day of running, it had other ideas however… Read the rest of this entry »

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