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This past weekend I raced at the Dog Days of Summer Race Series #2 at Pit Stop Hobbies in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania.

The track is a medium sized 10th scale track made of clay soil which makes things interesting. When the sun is beating down on it the track becomes low to mid traction however when the sun goes down the moisture comes up in the track and it goes to mid-high traction. This race would be during the day so the traction was maintained around mid level for most of the day. We had a total of 65 entries and some fierce competition show up for this 4 part race series hosted at Pit Stop Hobbies and Mushroom Bowl.



I raced in 2wd MOD Stadium Truck with my Team Associated T5m outfitted with Pro-Line Holeshots all around and sporting the new Pro-Line Enforcer body. I decided to run open cell foams up front and the Pro-Line blue closed cell foams in the rear and the combination was perfect. I was able to secure the TQ position for the A-main and after a few swaps for the lead in the beginning of the race I was able to check out and take the win.


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July 9-10 Barnstormers R/C Raceway hosted the annual Novarossi Challenge.  Also known as the Big Apple Challenge. The event hosted the best drivers from the east coast as well as Adam Drake, Ryan Lutz, and Cole Ogden.

Adam Drake won his 20-minute Buggy semi-final and started on the pole for the 45-minute final.

Drake controlled the race from start to finish after an early battle with Mugen Seiki teammate Cole Ogden.

In the end, Drake took the victory by over a lap!

Adam Drake also finished second in Electric Buggy and third in Nitro Truck.


Products used by Adam Drake:

Mugen Seiki MBX7R buggy

Novarossi Drake engine with 41021 header, and 9901 pipe

Pro-Line Holeshot 2.0 and Bowtie 2.0 (X3), Velocity wheels, and Trifecta lexan wing

Hitec Lynx 4S radio and Hitec 9370 and 9380 servos

Flash Point 30% fuel, filter, 2500mah receiver and transmitter battery

ProTek accessories

Thank you to Rohan Grant and everyone from Barnstormers.

Also a huge a huge thank you to Novarossi Direct and Hitec for providing amazing raffle prizes!!

Winner of the Drake Engine and Hitec Radio

Winner of the Drake Engine and Hitec Radio

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This past weekend, Rain-Man’s Hobby and Raceway in Bakersfield, California hosted round 5 of the JBRL Electric Series. Rainman’s Hobby had a fun layout that resulted in some very exciting racing.

TLR driver David Jenson took the TQ and victory in the 1/8th scale class with his Orion powered Team Losi Racing 8ight-E 4.0 with Pro-Line MC Electron’s and yellow seal ceramic BOCA bearings.

rainman 8scale

David also took the victory in the 4wd Open Short Course with his Orion powered Team Losi Racing TEN SCTE 2.0 with Pro-Line MC Electron’s and yellow seal ceramic BOCA bearings.

Rainman pro4

David also TQ 4wd Modified Buggy class but unfortunately finished in 8th place after the rear axle pin broke about halfway through the race.

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Saturday, July 9th in Oakland Mills, PA at the LCRC racing facility racers gathered from across the Mid-Atlantic Region to battle it out for the third race in the ROAR Region 2 Mid-Atlantic Series. With 115 entries, Pro-Line drivers in attendance were Ethan Mackanick, Jason Schreffler and Anthony Mazzara.

The first A-main features on tap for the day started out with the double A-mains for the Electric Buggy and Truggy classes. Team Losi’s Anthony Mazzara would finish on the number two podium spot in the 1/8th Electric Buggy class.

The next set of racing would lead into a great start to finish battle for the thirty minutes in the 1/8th Nitro Truggy class between Jason Schreffler and Ethan Mackanick. They would exchange the position for the top spot several times throughout the race and Mackanick was able to gain the advantage through fuel mileage and less stops to keep his Mugen Seiki MBX7TR on Pro-Line Blockades M3 tires while holding off Schreffler for the number one spot.

The final race would be the 1/8th Nitro Buggy class. The duo of Team Losi’s Jason Schreffler and Anthony Mazzara would battle it out with Chad Phillips on the Hot Bodies Racing platform. The three Pro-Line drivers would dominate the podium with Schreffler in first, Phillips in second and Mazzara finishing third.

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Last weekend was held the fifth round of the Swiss Championship in Montagny. The troops of ORCM tried to prepare a top track. Unfortunately the rainy weather on Saturday made the work to naught.

Factory Driver Patrick Hofer was to start with his RC8B3.

Patrick Hofer Buggy 2

The track was extremely washed out by rain. The sunshine on Sunday dried up the mud in which some huge stones made tuning the RC8B3 difficult. Finally, the right tire choice was to tip the scales. Patrick used Pro-Lines LockDown X3 tires for the Final.

Patrick quickly settled in with other drivers at the top. Various engine cuts meant that Patrick was at the top and was nearly 20 seconds ahead suddenly. But his car seemed somehow not optimal to do for the last 10-minutes. It was around 10-minutes to go when it came down to a duel between Patrick and Joachim Kallen, who was now closing the gap. Patrick had more fuel reserves than Joachim Kallen and he ended up flaming out giving Patrick the victory!

Patrick Hofer Buggy


1.) Patrick Hofer / Team Associated / REEDY / Pro-Line / AvidRc / FoxNitroSynth / Upgrade RC / Sanwa

2.) Joachim Kallen / XRay / Picco / Pro-Line / TM Models / MAG RC

3.) David Naldini / Kyosho

Patrick Hofer

Patrick used:

Pro-Line Lexan Wing

RC8B3 Predator Body

LockDown Tires

Wheels and Inserts

Thanks for all the support!!!!!

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July 3rd and 4th was the HobbyTown SRS Firework Spectacular Series. I was able to take the overall win in Mod 2wd Buggy with one first place finish and one second place finish in the A-main events!


My TLR 22 3.0 with the lay down conversion alone with Pro-Line Primes was great all weekend.

Thanks Pro-Line Racing for the help!!!

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Pro-Line Products used:  SwitchBlade X3 for Qualifying & Hole Shots X3 for the Main.

Attended JBRL Series (R4), that was held at Palm Desert R/C Raceway. Man was it hot…reached 105 degrees that day! Despite the heat, everyone had a good time and came up with some clever ways to keep cool. Wasn’t sure how the extreme heat would affect my car, but I soon found out. Read the rest of this entry »

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Last Sunday at the Tsunami park there was the TLR’s cup. For all the Saturday, we choose the BLOCKADE X3, because the track was very sliding. During the Sunday when the grip was very high we choose the FUGITIVE X3 that allow me to run without problems under the rain. I finished the race at the 2nd place.

Riccardo Pasquetto

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ROAD TRIP! AMS 7.0 here we come. I rushed home from work where David had the camper hooked up and ready to go and we were off. I got to sit back and take in the view as David took the first shift driving. David got us through Orlando before it was my turn to take over. This would be my second time towing the camper and it would be the longest drive ever. I was so focused on not to be sucked in by a tractor trailer truck that I missed the baby deer with white spots and the Alligator posing with his mouth opened. At least David got to see them. We ended up driving to mile marker 108 in Georgia when we decided to pull over at the rest area to get in a few hours of sleep.  Taking off thenext morning we arrived at the Agriculture Center in Cullman Alabama at 11:00 AM……830.50 miles later.

David and Jessica ran Pro-Line Hole Shot Tires on their Buggy, Truggy, and Short Course Truck

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The last big race that I attended was the Pre-Worlds in Las Vegas in May.


The following Pro-Line products were used at the event:

9041-02 Hole Shot 2.0 M3 (Soft)
9039-02 Blockade M3 (Soft)
2702-02 Velocity V2 Yellow Wheels
3456-17 MP9 Pre-Cut Type-R Body 

LV-Pre-Worlds4 LV-Pre-Worlds3 LV-Preworlds lv-preworlds2

– Rey Ortiz

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