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Had a great time yesterday at the LRT Season Opener! I was able to TQ and Win both Nitro Buggy and E-Buggy!

Tekno cars performed flawlessly with the tough high wear track, Pro-Line X3 Blockades laying down the Triton/ Orion Power! Read the rest of this entry »

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ILER RACING- April 2017 Race Report

David Iler #27

Jessica Iler #19

April 22, 2017

Club Race

Beachline Raceway – Cocoa, FL 

Jess Iler 1


We went to Beachline Raceway to get in some practice on the new track layout before round 3 of the Turf Wars next weekend. David had some bad luck and broke several parts including the front a-arm on his x-ray, the rear a-arm on his Yokomo, the end of his x-ray axle and 2 turn buckle ends. During the club race, he qualified 3rd and felt good going into the main. During his practice laps before the main he ended up breaking his turn buckle end and didn’t get to race.

Jess Iler 2

I was the only one racing 2wd truck so they added me to the 4wd class. My truck was dialed and had all the power I needed with my #Trinity 9.5 Monster Motor. I qualified 2nd and was starting behind #Tony Nicotra. After the first couple of laps I made a pass on Tony taking over the number 1 spot. It didn’t last long as I landed on the top of Mount Fuji and popped my ball cup. Thank you to the turn marshal who got it popped back in for me. I lost about 14 seconds and dropped about 1/3 of a lap back. I started pushing hard and put together consistent laps one after another until I finally caught up to 2nd place and got a chance to pass him. I ended up only being 6 seconds out of 1st.

Jess Iler 3

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See what it’s like behind the scenes of the Silver State race held at RC Tracks of Las Vegas.

Featuring interviews with some of your favorite Pro-Line Factory team drivers!

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3/4/17  King RC This was our first race of the year and the first since last October. I was a little rusty but got to practice quite a few times before the race started. We ended up getting 3 qualifiers in E-buggy and then they cut nitro back to 2 qualifiers so they could get the show in since they don’t have lights. We didn’t get in a good round for nitro Buggy so I ended up starting 1st in the B-main. Still with no luck I ended up finishing 3rd and not getting the bump. We ended up starting 4th in the A-Main with the E-buggy out of 50 entries in that class. It ended up getting somewhat dark during the main but I still ended up getting a 3rd place finish. All in all the equipment worked great just had a rusty driver. We ended up on M4 Electrons.


4/28 4/29/17 Badlands Myrtle Beach SC for the Spring Sting. We ran pro Buggy and pro E-buggy. Qualifying didn’t go to bad in pro nitro buggy. We ended up starting 10th in the pro A-main. After the 30-mins was up we ended up finishing 9th. Not bad with the crowd that was there. E-buggy didn’t go as good. Car was good just couldn’t quit making mistakes. With such intense competition, one or two of those and you were out of it. We also ended up on X2 Fugitives for qualifying in both classes. As the night came we ran X3 Fugitives in E-buggy and M4 Fugitives in nitro. I think I could have ran X4 but was scared of the moisture of the night.

Thanks for the support and the awesome tires!

Thanks Mike Webb

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I had a really enjoyable weekend, as my 7-yr old son and I raced together at the’s trophy race. We ran a combined four classes, I ran E-Buggy, 2wd and 4wd SCT while my son raced Novice. It was definitely a busy and very tiring day but I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I collected four plaques: two 1st place plaques and a TQ and 2nd place plaque and my son came home with a 3rd place plaque.


It was a complete family adventure as my wife handled a significant portion of the pit crew aspects while also watching and caring for our 2-yr old daughter. We are hoping this weekend was a glimpse of what is to come and hope for many more family weekends at the track.


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This past weekend I attend the 2017 Race for Autism. I raced pro Nitro Buggy, pro Nitro Truggy, and E-Buggy.

Qualifying, the first round had it’s ups and downs. In E-Buggy I TQ’ed, in truggy I had to get flipped over and it cost me TQ but I still got a second for the round. In pro nitro buggy my transponder did not work, so I got a dnf.

a3  image1

Round 2, I had a TQ in E-Buggy and pro Nitro Buggy. Truggy I had some mistakes and finished 2nd.

So overall I started 2nd in pro Nitro Truggy, 1st in E-Buggy , and 1st in pro Nitro Buggy.

Mains, I won E-Buggy tone to tone. In pro Nitro Truggy, at the start of the race car number 1 was not set down at the tone and I got in the lead. Then I crashed and went back to third and made my way back up to 2nd and battled with first, or ( Mason Eppley) and passed first then I got a gap of 4 seconds, then I crashed. At the end I ran out of fuel with one minute to go but still finished 2nd. The pro Nitro Buggy A-Main, I lead from tone to tone with only a couple mistakes but ended up taking the win.

I would like to thank Kevin Palmer and Charlie Cavalier for all their help as well my sponsors, Xray, Rc America,, Hobbywing, Pro-Line, Protekrc, Vp Racing Fuels, Sanwa, Hudy, Ogio, CowRc, and 110% Racing

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Just wanted to recap the weekend at the Force Series round 3 in Tampa Florida. 186 entries for the event. Friday the track got really hot and grooved up with the sun out and we got into X compound Tires quick. On Saturday it was a lot different with cloud coverage and a few small showers which brought us back to M compound Tires.

In Nitro Buggy I qualified 6th with my Xray XB8 17 and the Buggy was awesome in qualifying using Lockdowns.

I switched to M3 Switchblades in the Main as it was the best tire for the conditions of the track. Read the rest of this entry »

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BuggyPodiumPM17 TruckpodiumPM17

Had a great weekend in the Philippines, the people were awesome and treated us like royalty, and we can’t thank them enough for the hospitality. It was a great event and if you are thinking of going you won’t be disappointed.
This was the first time running the XRay cars on super high grip and it took us a bit of time to get the setup right but it all came together in the end.

I was able to take the win in both Buggy and Truggy. Running Pro-Line X2 Blockades
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Round one of Nitro JBRL was held at Pro-Line raceway. I didn’t qualify the best. Had a lot of mistakes throughout the day. During the Main it was a different story. I was able to battle my way up front and finish in 2nd place in Intermediate Nitro Buggy.


Items used:
3474-00 Predator Clear Body
2702-04 Velocity V2 Wheels
9041-02 Hole Shot M3 Tires
6249-04 Trifecta Wing

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Ty Tessmann Wins at the Philippines Masters along with podium finishes by Team Drivers Adam Drake and Atsushi Hara

Patrick Hofer TQ’s ans Wins RD1 of Swiss Nationals

U.S.A. (Mid West):
Tanner Denney win in Nebraska at TLR Cup

U.S.A (East Coast)
Kai Goff Wins at Beachline Raceway Turf Wars RD3



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