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We’d like thank Pro-Line for being an awesome sponsor for this year’s Kootenai RC Racers Hot August Showdown!! Your support and donations really helped make our second year’s effort pay off in a big way.


We look forward to Hot August Showdown 2015!!

Thanks again!! (More info on our Facebook page:

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On Saturday August 30th I raced the Electric 1/8th Buggy class at 439 Raceway in Belton, TX. Throughout the night, ruts started to develop, so I decided to switch to X2 Blockades and my Tekno EB48.2 felt really good and I was able to put claim on the only 12 lap run in the E-Buggy class, taking TQ over some very fast competition!

Unfortunately I had to retire early from the main due to electronics issues while running in the top 3.

The X2 Blockades provided excellent traction and absorbed the ruts very well!

Thank you for your continued support!

Edwin Hartman

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Check out the latest from 5150 Media Productions and Pro-Line Racing

Come Drive With Us- Cactus Classic (Part 1)

Also be sure to check out the Pro-Line Cactus Classic Spot that we shared HERE.

Special thank you to Cory Drachenberg!

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This weekend I ran the Cheyenne RC Showdown in Cheyenne, WY. I ran 4wd Short Course, 1:8 E-Buggy and Nitro Truggy.

We showed up Friday at midnight to the track and they were doing a trophy dash race. They had a few mains left to do so they let me throw my E-Truggy in for the Main starting in the back and with no laps to practice.

By the time we hit the straightaway I had gone from 9th to 4th when another Truggy got sideways knocking me off the track. By the time I got marshaled I was back into last place but I managed to shake off and for the next 8-minutes ran a near flawless race taking the win and lapping a majority of the field. I ran M3 Blockades and the Trifecta wing.

The next day was qualifying. Weather was a factor the whole weekend but all my equipment was working perfect. I TQ’d and won PRO4 running M4 Stunners and Pro-Line Tundra body. The Stunners worked flawlessly, they gave my Tekno SCT410 more traction and steering than any other Short Course Truck on the track.

In 1:8 E-Buggy I qualified 5th overall due to a few mistakes in the triple A-Mains. I had a 2nd and 3rd place finish with a drop which was only good enough for a 4th place finish overall. I ran the X4 Diamond Backs and Trifecta wing and the Phantom body on my EB48.2.

In Nitro Truggy I qualified 2nd overall in the Main. I was running 2nd and 18-minutes in I blew a spur gear taking me out of the race. I was running X3 Blockades with the Trifecta wing.

I also had loaned some equipment out to 2 of the guys that traveled with me. One of them ran a set of my X4 Fugitives he was loving them all day and after three 7-minute qualifiers and three 8-minute Mains (on a very abrasive outdoor track) they showed almost no signs of wear. I also loaned my Tekno ET48 with a set of M3 Blockades and Trifecta wing out to Don Drozd for the weekend. He pulled off a second place finish overall and would have taken 1st had the battery not died in the first Main.

Josh Havens

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Be sure to check out the Stateline RC Race For The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) that is coming up September 6th.

Pro-Line is supporting the Silent Auction with a PRO-2 SC Truck so be sure to head down to Stateline Raceway in Fremont, Indiana this weekend to help raise money for this great cause!

StatelineRCRaceforthe MDA


1:10 Nitro Truck
1:10 Mod Truck
Stock Spec Slash
Mod 2wd SC
Mod 4wd SC
2wd Buggy
Stock SC
SC Latemodel

Nitro Truck 100 Lap A-Main

Fun Stuff:
Bake Sale, Silent Auction, Door Prizes, Free Cookout, Awards for A-Mains, FREE Carnival Games, Sack Races

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READ Posted by: Jessica Kelishes in Friends of Pro-Line, Race Events

Race: Extravaganza Race
Track: PitStop Hobbies
Date: 8/29/14
Race Setup: 2 rounds of 5-min quals and 8-min A-Main’s

2wd SCT

2wd sct: 1st in the A-main
4X4 sct: DNF :(

2wd: This was my first race with the MIP Ball Diff in and let me say that this upgrade is a must have and made the biggest difference than any other upgrade for any car! After the first round I was placed in second only .7 of a second behind. I came back and made a slight slipper adjustment and threw on some clean tires. As I went over my truck I went out for the A-main with the same setup and tires I ran in 1st from start to finish and the truck was dialed! I loved it so much that I threw in a donut at the end :)

011 012

4X4: I went out for the first round and had an awesome run that put me in second place and I was so happy because my truck was running at awesome tempatures! When I prepared for the second round I went to turn on my truck and one of my screws and tophats in my front hub assembly fell out :( Then more bad stuff happens as I went to go for the mains. In seconds my battery connection failed and I didn’t get to race :( but I know if I would have raced I would have done well and I was confident so no biggie.

Overall both of my SCT’s were on fire and were so fun to drive! I want to thank Tekno RC, Pro-Line Racing, Venom Batteries, and Carpys for all the help!!!!!!!!!

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Mugen Seiki Grand Prix Round 3 was held at Chula Vista CA and had great weather with an awesome new layout.

I lost TQ by 1 second but I was ok with starting 2nd

I qualified on M3 Holeshot tires and switched to M3 Blockades due to the track drying out and had a light layer of dust on top.

The M3 compound lasted the 25-min main with plenty left.

I was able to secure the win!

Victor G

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The weekend of August 8th, 9th, and 10th I attended the 2nd annual Nitro X race presented by Pro-Line Racing, R/C Driver Magazine, Hobbico, and RB USA. The race took place at Wolcott Hobby and Raceway in Wolcott, CT. I would be competing in 1:8 Nitro Buggy. Friday was scheduled for practice. I spent most of the day prepping my car and ran a few times to get the layout down and shake my MP9 TKI3 down and test some Pro-Line Tires. The event pulled in close to 100 entries.

Going into Saturday the format for the day would be four 5-minute qualifiers using rocket round. In my first qualifier I got out front early and had a new TQ run going. About halfway through the run my car came to a stop at the end of the straight away. I figured my engine had flamed out but when the marshal got to the car it was still running but didn’t have throttle. After about 20-seconds my throttle began to work again. I put on a charge to try to make the best of the run but with less than a minute to go my throttle cut out again. I pulled off before suffering a runaway.

For round 2 I sat out to go through my electronics.

For round 3 I put a new throttle servo in and went out and set a new TQ.

For round four I made a few small changes to my setup and hit the track. My car felt great and I was able to reset TQ with a 9 lap 5:01 run.

Going into Sunday the schedule was to run a last chance qualifier for the racers who did not make it Saturday. I put a new set of tires on and went out for my fifth and final qualifier. My car felt great and early on I was on a 10 lap run but I made a few mistakes and dropped back to a 9 lap pace. With only a few laps remaining I cleaned up my lines and pushed as hard as possible. I snuck by the line just before the tone went off and was able to get the only 10 lap run of the weekend.

The Main was set to be 45-minutes and was later in the afternoon. I spent the day going through my car and getting it ready. The only change I made for the Main was a fresh clutch.

At the start of the main I pushed wide going into the first corner and got hit and got stuck on a pipe and dropped from first to 11th. The remainder of the first lap was tricky. I was able to avoid a few pile ups and quickly made passes and worked back to 7th. By the end of lap 5 I had retaken the lead and quickly began to pull away. For the remainder of the race I increased my lead and by the end of the 45-minutes I took the win with a 4 lap lead over second place Hot Bodies and Pro-Line driver Mark Smyka, and Kyosho privateer Carl Smart.

Overall it was a great weekend and my RB powered Kyosho MP9 TKI3 was dialed all weekend on Pro-Line Tires. The final finishing order for the A-Main was:

  1. Kyle Rhodes-Kyosho MP9 TKI3
  2. Mark Smyka-Hot Bodies
  3. Carl Smart-Kyosho MP9 TKI3
  4. John Langenfeld-TLR
  5. Greg Vogel-Tekno
  6. John Koiva-Hot Bodies
  7. Paul Quartuccio-Kyosho MP9 TKI3
  8. Larry Bromell-Kyosho MP9 TKI3
  9. Rob Rinaldi-TLR
  10. Lester Bastenbeck-Kyosho MP9 TKI3
  11. Alex Kosciuszek-Team Associated
  12. Rob Birchall-Mugen Seiki

Thank you for the continued support.

Throughout the weekend I ran on X3 Hole Shots, X3 LockDowns, and M3 Blockades. All three tires provided me with amazing traction and wear.

For the main I chose M3 Blockades and they were consistent and fast for the entire 45-minutes and still had plenty of life left at the end of the race.

. NitroX layout

NitroX race results

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READ Posted by: Kyle Rhodes in Factory Team, Race Events


08/28/14 San Jacinto, CA– Buddy “Papa Budman” Blacksmith hit the track at Traction RC in Reno, NV following the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series on Sunday. While at the Lucas track, Buddy did an on-line search for RC tracks in the area, came across Traction RC. After checking out their webpage, he decided a trip there before heading home was on the agenda. Buddy makes it a habit to always be prepared at any given time by loading up his RC gear and taking it with him on trips.

Once there he got the news that they were racing that day so he decided to sign up! He entered the 2WD Mod SC class and got ready to hit the track! Read the rest of this entry »

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READ Posted by: Buddy Blacksmith in Factory Team, Race Events


This summer I competed in a series called the “Triple Crown Summer Series” over at Maximus R/C Raceway in York, ME.  This series consisted of one race each month during the months of June, July, and August and averaged 70 plus entries at each event. People from all over New England would gather on a summer Saturday night to race R/C cars and win the Triple Crown.

I was competing int the always competitive 2WD Mod Buggy and 4WD Mod Buggy classes along with Mod Stadium Truck.

After the first 2 rounds I was sitting 1st in 4WD Mod, 1st in Mod Stadium Truck, and 2nd in 2WD mod.

After many TQ runs and  a couple DNF’s in each of the Buggy classes, I was awarded The Series Championship in the Stadium Truck class.

Overall it was a great series and I came away with one championship.

My cars were equipped with the following Pro-Line equipment:
-2WD Mod Buggy (Pro-Line Electrons M4 front and rear)
-4WD Mod Buggy (Pro-Line Electrons M4 front and rear)
-Mod Stadium truck (Pro-Line IONs M4 front and rear)

I want to thank Pro-Line Racing for all their support.

Thanks, Scott

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