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Traveled to Oklahoma this past weekend for the Summertime Classic in Muskogee, Oklahoma at Battleground RC Speedway.


I ended up trying the new class that is up an coming in Oklahoma with Short Course Trucks called SC Hobby Stock. This class puts driver skill and setup to the test, with these bodies on an oval with no spoiler, they are extremely loose. Read the rest of this entry »

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Had a great day racing the Truggy and 4WD Short Course! I met tons of new Tekno drivers like my regional team manager Mark Unrath! Along with Bobby Stroud, Mark Scott, David Lee and more!


This was by far one of my best races ever and one of the most competitive as well!
In 4WD Short Course I qualified 2nd over all after 2 rounds and ran 2nd place from start to finish. I had M3 Blockades on and an 8000 mah Venom battery.


In E-Truggy I qualified 1st after 2 rounds and we ran double A-Mains. So in A1 I ran 1st from start to finish and in A2 I ran 1st the whole race till 1 minute to go and I fell back to second. So I ended up 1st overall with my TQ. I had M3 Blockades on and a 5000 mah Venom battery.


Thank you Tekno RC, Pro-Line, Venom Batteries, and Carpys for all the help in my hobby and the support you have given me.

Devin Chesney

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Grass Roots Racing Series final round was upon us at Thunder Alley R/C Raceway.

Saturday was Nitro day and I started the day 5th in points. If I did good I could have had a top 3 overall. So with a new motor and new Pro-Line Blockade Tires I was ready for quals. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hello everyone! This past Friday I did some club racing at OC/RC. If you don’t know, Friday is called “Fill’em Up Friday” where you can pay for one race and race as many classes as you want! I decided to race my Venom powered Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck.


My truck was pretty dialed with Pro-Line MC IONs #1191-17, in the rear and MC Suburbs #1171-17, in the front. The track proved to be quite challenging and I found myself constantly having to pay close attention to all of the obstacles.

The double and turns that lead into the straight away where a big challenge for me. Over shooting the jump killed your momentum into the turn, but landing perfectly and turning too soon meant clipping the pipe. I had to try and set everything up perfectly and the only way I was able to do that was to take this part of the track slow. Read the rest of this entry »

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First day with the new Buggy attended the Wolcott Hobby trophy/cash race.


I had my brand new Keep Off that had just finished half a gallon of break in before the race. I got there with no race time on it.

The first qualifying, I had a flame-out as soon as I crossed the loop so my first lap was about 50-Seconds long compared to the average 33-Second qualifying time.

I dropped a nine lap run and that put me in the bottom of the A-Main. The third qual I ended up 6-Seconds faster than my second qual which pushed me farther up the grid in the A-Main.

My motor was fast and never overheated so, for the main I decided to lean it out, as I had been holding it back in the qualifying. When I did that, the motor had so much power it was unbelievable.

As the main started, my plan was to roll the inconsistent double double which was a smart choice as other racers decided to take it and crash. I then worked my way up to 4th, and then second. I was in second about 20-min into the 30-min main. Then my car started acting different I felt like I had no break and the car was not getting the full power it had before. Third place then caught up to me and I was able to hang out to third and not let anyone pass me as the car was still very hard to drive.


After the main I looked at my car and the hose to hold my filter down had broken, so the brake was caught up in it and was engaging without me being on the break so it was basically like me having drag brake.

I ran Pro-Line M3 Blockades the whole day, with the new Pro-Line Type-R body.

Thanks to all my sponsors. Hot Bodies/Novarossi/Pro-Line/Radiopost/Lucky 7,

Randall Fraser

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Bill Bridges

Visit The Track Facebook Page for More Info…

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I attended the Firecracker Race at Stateline RC in Indiana over the holiday weekend. There were about 150 entries from Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio.


I TQ’ed and won the 1:8 Buggy class.

I ran X3 Diamond Backs on my TLR 8B 3.0 and they had minimal wear and were awesome all through racing!


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This year I attended the 2014 ROAR Fuel Off-Road Nationals at Thornhill Racing Circuit in Hutto, Texas.  The crew at TRC worked very hard in preparation for this event to provide the nation’s best racers with an amazing track and facility!



Wednesday was the first day of practice.  I used this day to just learn the track and didn’t worry about setup too much, knowing that the track would change a lot over the next four days. Thursday was seeding practice and my cars felt great. The track was changing rapidly, but it wasn’t like the warm up race. The groove was starting to form but it was still slick.  For seeding, they took your best 3 consecutive laps in order to decide what heats you will be in for qualifying. My XB8 and XT9 were feeling great, both equipped with X3 Blockades! I put in some good runs and was seeded into the B in buggy and C in truggy.




In the first round of truggy qualifying, I started right in the middle of a pack of cars, and that did not go well. I got bumped around and got pretty frustrated. I ended up flying off the back of the track and hit the fence, causing my steering servo to break. In the second round, I had a clean safe run, for a 22nd overall. I was pretty happy with this based on how my day started. In the third round of truck qualifying, the track was still damp from watering the night before, and my truck felt awesome. I tried to push it a little bit too hard and that resulted in some costly mistakes. I had a bad run. In the final round, I knew I had to have a good run, so I just ran a safe, extremely cautious run for 30th overall. After qualifying, I was set to start 7th in the C.

Read the rest of this entry »

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The 2nd annual RC Masters Electric race held at Henry County RC Raceway took place and brought in a total of just over 100 racers. Being an all electric event this was a great turnout.

We both ran 1/8th scale pro E-Buggy, and Shane ran 2wd and 4wd 1/10th scale.

During the first qualifier of E-Buggy, my father and I both chose to go out on M3 HoleShots. The track surface was super hard, blue groove, with a light dust on the outside of the line. Temperatures reached a high of about 95 through the hottest part of the day. This gave the track LOADS of traction, knowing tire wear was a big consideration.

In the 2nd and 3rd quals we both chose to glue up some MX Blockades that my dad had sitting around.

I managed to TQ round 3 of qualifying which seeded me 2nd overall due to qual points and my dad was 5th.

In the 10-minute main event, we both ran the same MX Blockades that we used in the 2nd and 3rd quals. Tire wear was minimal for us both and traction stayed the same from the beginning and end of the race.

I came away with the Win and my Dad took home 3rd.

Pro-Line tires getting it done once again!!

RC Masters Electric

RC Masters Electric

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Had a nice field of 2wd’s showed up Sunday for Round #7 of the Spring Points Series.

Very loose/dry conditions the PRO-2 SC Truck was hooked up.

I was running a set of Blockades M4 (2 other drivers tried to grab).  The first 2 rounds of qualifying were great and I was sitting 2nd. Unfortunately, on the 3rd round I had a few bobbles.

Overall I started 4th on the grid. On the sound of the tone, I got shotgunned to last on the 1st turn. I ended up coming back up thru the field to have a super close battle with the 5th place vehicle to edge him out to finish 4th.

Many people were excited to check out the PRO-2 SC.  One driver said it looked like a 4wd Short Course in the Air.  That it does. The vehicle fly’s so level and straight.

I finished 4th in E-Truggy also on Blockade M4′s


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