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JBRL round 4 was at Heritage RC Park in Chula Vista CA. The weather was awesome around 80 degrees or so and the event had close to 200 entries


Well first round of intermediate buggy and truck was a little bit rough with barely making a top 10 for the round. Going into the second round I knew I needed to put together a solid run to secure my spot. I had the best runs I’ve ever had, giving me the overall TQ in both classes. This was a first for me in the intermediate class.


In typical Victor fashion I go into the buggy main running in the front to crash and go to the back. So once again I had to battle my way back to the front to secure the win. In truck I learned my lesson and lead the entire race from start to finish!

I choose to run X3 HoleShots 2.0 on buggy and M3 Holeshots on truck

I really feel that the HoleShot is the fastest tire on the market!

image3 image4

I was able to secure the TQ in both Intermediate Truggy and Intermediate Buggy.

image2 image1

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This past weekend I was able to attend the Top Notch Series at IERC.



The Coyote Hobbies Crew and I arrived at the track on Friday when the track opened. During practice we focused on the tire combinations for the weekend.

When we arrived at the track Saturday morning, we had the opportunity to get set up and to get a little more practice with our cars. I decided that I would practice with both of my cars once to make sure they were still set up for the track. I ran Pro Stock Buggy and the Stock Short Course for the weekend. The cars felt better in the practice runs on Saturday compared to the practice I had on Friday. I sat patiently waiting for my qualifiers to begin and got the cars ready by cleaning them and making sure everything was in good condition. Read the rest of this entry »

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10448430_705797452791118_6808510204424371604_o 10505383_10204453087396788_3744418067784539672_n

On July 17th – 20th I raced one of the best race meets of my career. The 2014 IC Buggy and Truggy Australian Titles held at the world class track in Logan QLD! Man what a track, never in my life have I seen a track so nicely prepped and the layout so flowing, It made for a great event!

The track had some very challenging sections like a big double double section with the down ramp of the last double on a big banked corner. Made for some awesome whips, but some massive crashes also. Another awesome feature was the angled double coming onto the back straight, again very hard to get right every lap and caught a lot of people out by running too high and hitting the hay bails, there was some massive whips over this section.

Grant, Shane, Kyle and I all hired a site shed so we were out of the dust, wind and noise. Was a great idea and I will definitely do that again! Made for a lot better event! Thanks Grant for organising that.

After qualifying had completed I ended up 16th! This put me straight into the Semis and I started out of 8th. My semi race will be in my memory for ever. I had probably the best race in my career. The second lap I made a mistake and had to get marshalled, when the marshall grabbed my car he slipped and covered the exhaust stalling my car. By the time my car got back to the pits and and re-fired I was a lap and a half down. I drove unbelievably and didn’t make a mistake for the remainder of the run! I ended up coming back to 8th and qualified for the A-Main by having the fastest run outside of the two top seven placed semi drivers.

It was an hour long main and I just lapped and lapped and lapped. I had a fairly clean run, just not a fast run. I would finish in 11th overall.

I am so happy for my result. My whole goal for the weekend was to make it into the semis and if I made the Main then that was just a bonus. Well I exceeded all of my own expectations!

I would like to thank all who helped me: Savage Sam and Ron Maya for pitting for me in the finals and Shane Van Gisbergen for pitting for me in all the qualifiers and practices, you guys did awesome and I appreciated every bit of info and help you have passed on to me. Kyle and Scott McBride for the setup help and some parts, also well done Kyle for the double win! You’re on another level! Matt Griffin from RCRS, Ren at RAB Hobbies and Nico from NPRS, you guys do anything to help me and I really appreciate it! My Kyosho MP9 TKi3, Alpha Dragon 3-Port, Pro-Line Blockades, MKS servos, Gforce Pit Accessories, Avid Bearings and Byron Fuels were working awesome all weekend.

I couldn’t be where I am today without the support you have all given me!


Checkout my website:

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Last week was the 10th European Championships in Trelleborg, Sweden. The race was held inside an ice hockey arena. Where the organizers built a perfect indoor clay track. On the other side of the ice hockey field was the pit area. It was for sure on of the best events of all time. Read the rest of this entry »

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Round 3 of the outdoor season for ROAR Region 2 moved further north in Pennsylvania to Oakland Mills at the LCRC Racing Facility.  The weather for the weekend started out with seventy to eighty degree temperatures with plenty of sunshine that would last most of the day on Saturday. The event brought in roughly 115 entries including in the following classes: Young Guns, 1:8 Electric Buggy and Truggy, 4×4 SCT, and 1:8 Nitro Buggy and Truggy classes. The Mackanick family of Kendall, Ethan, Cody and their father Jason were all well qualified for the A-Main features of the day on Pro-Line Tires.

This would be the first weekend racing for seven year old Kendall stepping into the Young Guns class. Kendall would qualify fourth on the grid and finished 5th. She improved on her driving throughout the day and managed to conquer the track completely on her own through all qualifiers and her feature event. Kendall’s equipment was an RC8.2e with a Pro-Line BullDog body and Blockade tires in M3 compound.

Due to rain only half of the feature rounds were able to be completed. Kendall would be the only one of us who was able to run their respective main event.  Here are some photos of Kendall in action.

IMG_1697 IMG_1712


11 year old, Ethan, would put on his usual display of driving skills in the 1:8 Electric Buggy class qualifiers by starting out rough in Q1 and by Q3 putting in a flawless run to seat him in the 7th place grid position for the A-Main feature. Ethan is running a Mugen MBX 6, Pro-Line BullDog body, and Blockade M3 tires. Here are the shots of Ethan in action.

IMG_1765 20140718_115449 IMG_1780


18 year old, Cody, now getting ready to head off to college at Penn State in about a month, has handed over his regular racing vehicle to Kendall. This weekend, Cody would wheel a Mugen MBX7, 1:8th Nitro Buggy provided by Todd Myers from the LCRC facility. This was Cody’s first weekend wheeling a Nitro Buggy and in similar fashion to his younger brother, he would have the car and his driving dialed in by the 3rd qualifier. Cody would set his car into the A-Main feature starting from the 8th place position on the grid with M3 Blockades.

Finally, getting a break from my race director responsibilities for the event, I would run my Tekno SCT 410, with the Pro-Line Toyota Tundra body and M3 Sniper Tires in the 4×4 SCT class. I would qualify the truck in the 5th place starting position where the top 6 of 12 drivers were all capable of taking the win. Rain would not let this battle to occur and ended the event just prior to the starting of the 4×4 SCT mains. Here are some photos of the Tekno in action.

Thanks again to Pro-Line in supporting the ROAR Regional Directors and the events which we attend.

20140718_161652 IMG_1726IMG_1638 IMG_1643


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Sean is an 11-year old Pro-Line driver and he was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 3 Cancer in January. Support Sean in his fight against Cancer by attending Race For Sean Day August 3rd at Bithlo R/C Raceway.

sean race day


The Race will be held Sunday, August 3rd @11AM
at  Bithlo R/C Raceway and Crawler Course - (407) 443-8229

Come on Out and support this R/C Racer and his family!

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Traxxas Mid-West TORC R/C Series RD3 held at Bark River International Raceway

I was the top qualifier again for the Mod 2WD Short Course and took second overall.

In 4WD I raced my Mod 2WD in the class and placed second. In Stock Slash I won.

photo3 Read the rest of this entry »

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7/18 – 7/19/2014
1:10 Electric Lonestar Classic @ Indy RC World – Garland, TX


Great racing this weekend resulting in TQ/1st overall in 2WD SC using Square Fuzzies, and 2nd overall in 4WD SC using Blockades.

Pro-Line had me hooked up all weekend long!!! My 2WD SC was insanely on rails.

I TQ’d all 3 rounds by 1-2 full laps. In A-1/A-2 I lapped the field 3 times!!!

2WD times would have been good enough for roughly 6th in the 4WD class.

4WD class I was beat by fellow P-L driver Josh Glancy. He made A-Main at the ROAR 1/8 Fuel Nationals so I knew going in I was racing for 2nd place, haha!

Thanks again for the support/opportunity!!

- Aaron Royston

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Placed 3rd this weekend in 1:8 E-Buggy A-Main at K.O.N.E RD2 held at Wolcott Hobby.


I also took 2nd at Race for a Cure in 17.5 Buggy A-Main a few weeks ago.

- Tyler Falcone

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A-Main finish in SC, B-Main finishes in both 13.5 Buggy and 17.5 Buggy.


Thanks Pro-Line for your great Tires and awesome support!


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