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Mar 2018

P-L Rock Team Driver Shawn Rusin Podiums at U4RC Summer Series RD2 on Pro-Line Hyrax


Outside temp 55 degrees with 55% chance of . Got my pit all setup so I could get some packs charged. Then I helped setup the track and event in LiveTime Scoring and we were ready to race. It was a small turnout I think because of, 1 the rain, and 2 some were still recovering from NATS in AZ. None the less we were ready to have some fun and race.

My Pro-Line Power Stroke shocks and Hyrax Tires give me all the traction and handling I need in the rocks.


Heat 1 for the TeknoRC DB48 Unlimited I came on strong held 2nd place the hole race but my transponder was not working because it lost connection to the rX. Heat 2 was not so good the car was getting hot for some reason so I had to take it easy at the end of the race, I felt motor fade when it would hit the rock section. A main was tuff started out in 5th position. There was a big pile up at the first rock garden witch gave the first few cars a good gap. Had to push to get some position back. I was still having trouble with power so I did not push to hard in the rocks or hills, I would have to get a good run at them to make it threw or I would lose power if I took it easy. This made it though to control. Back to the bench with this one for Round3 in 2-weeks.


For the UCFAB PRT. This car did great. I did pass on Heat 1 due to rain. I’m not water proof on this rig. A-Main I did pull a 3rd for the podium.


Shawn Rusin