May 2013

Pollack Podiums @ L.F.R Anniversary Race

Saturday April 27th was the 1 year anniversary race of LFR racing at Floridas largest indoor clay track  Space Coast RC.  With over 200 entries it was stacking up to be a Long and fun filled day with a lot of floridas top drivers in attendance  and it proved to be some great racing.

Fellow Pro-Line Teammates Landen and Brian Lewis, Jeremy Harris, Mike Applegate and Billy Easton had also made the trip. to Cocoa Beach for the race.

I was racing St Buggy and St Truck.  Up first was St buggy and to say the least buggy set up was awful and I had a lot of work to do.  Truck was up next and Truck was awesome right of the start.  A handful of mistakes and I finished 4th.  I knew I had some work to Rd 2.

3.5 hours later and some tweaking to set ups and it was time for Rd 2.  Buggy was again the first race up.  again went the wrong way with the set up and buggy was worse.  Just a bad overall day in Buggy.  Truck was up and it was go time set the pace early and was 2 secs ahead of TQ pace set in Rd1.  Tool a turn to tight and rolled it gave the lead up but was still ahead of Rd1 TQ pace and finished 2nd.  That put me 2nd on the grid for the St Truck Amain.

With a long wait ahead I totally changed the Buggy set up and was hoping for better results but it did not work.  Needless to say a very disappointing weekend overall with the Buggy.

Truck Amain finally came around and it was go time. Starting 2nd on the grid I was ready to go.  The tone sounded and by the third turn I was putting a lot of pressure on the leader and caused him to make a huge mistake.  I took the lead by the end of lap one and started to check out.  A costly driver error let the 2nd and 3rd place driver catch back up.  Caught a pipe trying to block and it it cost me, went to third but caught back up and went back to 2nd.  Just to much time and distance to run the leader back down so I ended up 2nd.  Fellow teammate Brian Lewis finished 4th.

Picture courtesy of Cheryl Shiver.

I would like to thank  Daniel Adams for the opportunity to represent Pro-Line and my Pro-Line teammates for a great racing weekend.

Products Used:.

M4 Suburbs Rear
M3 Scrubs Front
Pro-Line Bulldog Body


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