Feb 2013

Pro-Line’s Cody Turner Wins Mod SC at Smac Trac!

This past weekend I attended the JC Indoor National Series it was held at Smac Trac in Missouri.

I left a couple days early to go spend some time with Jared Tebo and get some practice time in before going to the race. That helped a lot, I ran 2WD Buggy4WD Buggy and 2WD SC. We left Friday morning from Jared’s house heading to the JConcepts race. There were about 310 entries with 3 rounds of qualifying on Saturday and 1 round on Sunday, followed by triple A-mains. I had TQ’d SC and qualified 3rd in Buggy behind Ryan Mayfield and my teammate Jared Tebo. A1 of 2WD Buggy went pretty good taking a 3rd. The track was really hard to pass on so if you didn’t crash you were good to go.

In A1 of SC was good, I had no crashes and won the first main by a couple seconds. A1 of 4WD Buggy went pretty good too. In-between rounds I didn’t change my car at all. I stuck with M4 Suburbs all the way around on Buggy and ran M4 IONS on SC. I ended up winning A2 SC. I took a second over Tebo in A2 Buggy, so I was sitting good going into A3 for the podium. With few changes to my 4WD Buggy, the A2 went great.

A3 of buggy didn’t quite go my way, as was catching Tebo I rolled my car to take 5th, but I still ended up taking 3rd overall. 4WD Buggy had some rough runs but ended up 6th I was happy.

All and all a good weekend had a lot of fun and hoping to do all of this series.

-Cody Turner


Devin McGee ran the same pair of M4 ION Buggy rear tires on his Stock Buggy all weekend and came home with stock Buggy – (TQ) and 1st place!

Devin used Pro-Line’s BullDog B4.1 body, M4 Suburb 2wd Buggy Front tires and M4 ION Buggy Rear tires.

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