Feb 2013

2013 Mid-Atlantic Off-road Championship at The Track Raceway

The 2013 Mid-Atlantic Off-road Championship had a great showing, with over 175 entries at last weekend’s at The Track Raceway in Gaithersburg, Maryland. It was our first race of the year and we were excited to get back to the track after a wonderful Christmas. We’ll be seeing more and more new faces as people get comfortable with their cars and want to get to racing. Most of the top East Coast Drivers attended at the MID ATLANTIC doing their job in each class. From Team Associated Mike Gay, Gunnar Rieck and Alex Miller. From TLR Anthony Mazzara. From Kyosho Robert Meyer and John Noon. From Team Schumacher/Pro-Line Gabriel “Gabe” Galeano

In the 4wd Buggy Modified Class Gabriel “Gabe” Galeano was in 3rd place most of the race. And making one mistake loosing the 3rd place and moving to 4th Place and finishing in that position at the end of the race.

In the 2wd Stadium Truck Modified Class Gabriel “Gabe” Galeano take the lead in the third lap and continuous in the lead until the end of the race. Taking the win for Pro-Line.
Thanks to The Track Raceway, Race Director’s Gabriel “Gabe” Galeano, Jason Norwood’s Race Director assistance, the crew and all drivers who makes this another great event.
Along with the huge congratulations to all the Winners Drivers of the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Off-road Championship.

The 2013 Mid-Atlantic Off-road Championship is in the books now. The Track Raceway already start working in another event this coming March 30. “PRO-LINE SHOOT-OUT CHAMPS”

4wd BUGGY MODIFIED CLASS. TQ & 1st Place.  Gunnar Rieck's Team Associated. 2nd Place.  Josh Knight's Team Durango 3rd Place.   Connely Drew's Team Associated. 4th Place.   Gabriel "Gabe" Galeano's Team Schumacher/Pro-Line. 5th Place.  Robert Meyer's Team Kyosho. 2wd STADIUM TRUCK MODIFIED CLASS.  1st Place.  Gabriel "Gabe" Galeano's Team Schumacher/ Pro-Line. 2nd Place.   Kahle Schettler's Team Associated 3rd Place.   Shane Sprinkle. 4th Place.   Tyler Noon's TLR. 5th Place.  Shawn McDevitt TQ. John Noon's TLR.

- Gabriel “Gabe” Galeano

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