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Blais Racing Report – TNS Round 3

Blais Racing,TNS Round 3 Race Report

Top Notch Series Round 3
January 19, 2013
OCRC Raceway

OCRC Raceway would be the 3rd stop for the Top Notch Racing Series for 2013. There would end up being about 190 race entries for the weekend. Round 3 would be a great overall weekend for the Blais Family. Chris Blais would take 2nd in Pro 4 from a back of the pack 8th place qualifier. His Pro-Line/Venom/Tekin/Coyote Hobbies sponsored 4×4 SC was on fire.  This would keep Chris in the Points lead for the Pro 4 Class. Chris would also have a great run in Electric 1/8 scale with his Team Associated RC8.2E and come out with a 3rd Place podium finish and hanging tight in 2nd place points. In Open 4×4 buggy Chris had great qualifier runs but had a mechanical problem in the main and did not finish.

Pro 4 Podium.  Barry Baker 1st, Chris Blais 2nd, Chad Panek 3rd

Pro 4 Podium. Barry Baker 1st, Chris Blais 2nd, Chad Panek 3rd


Pro 4 Podium. Barry Baker 1st, Chris Blais 2nd, Chad Panek 3rd


Martin Blais would take the Sportsman 4×4 win over his series rival Israel Cortez who won Round 2.  They had a great run but Martin would make less mistakes and drive smoothly to the finish.  Martin would also finish 6th in Stock SC with his Team Associated SC10.  Martin has also been racing Electric 1/8 scale and took 7th place in the B main.


Sportsman 4x4 SC.  Martin Blais 1st, Israel Cortez 2nd, Kuya 3rd

Sportsman 4×4 SC. Martin Blais 1st, Israel Cortez 2nd, Kuya 3rd


By: Nick Blais

Off to OCRC for more Top Notch Racing!  Having my Friday off from work, I was able to get down to Huntington Beach for some much needed practice.  It was a new track at of the start of the week.   It had some pretty tricky jumps with a single to a hip jump that was looked at, in my eyes, as a cheater line.  After the drivers meeting on race day, everyone found out that it was legal.

My qualifying rounds went pretty well with the top of the pack all within a few seconds of each other in all my classes.  I would have TQ’ed in my Pro 2 class except for the guy that “hovered” the hip jump and took me out.  My Pro 4 class I felt like I drove the wheels off and ended up qualifying 5th for the main.

Off to the races after the big raffle.  Getting to be pretty late in the afternoon, it was time to get busy.  All of the SC and 1/8 scale races are always at the end of the race program.  Pro 2 was the first to come and I took off screaming into the first turn and got hit from the back, spinning me out and I was the last to the second turn.  After catch up and almost chasing down the leader, I was to get taken out one last time, surprisingly caught up to 3rd.   My only show for the night.

Pro 4 started and it was a battle from the beginning.  The first two guys took off and ran away as the battle was on for 3rd thru 7th.  It was exciting race with the mistakes I made to come back and pull a 4th place.  I am pretty happy with that.  My 1/8 scale associated 8.2 was hooked up all day and come the main it was all over for the driving part.  The start was very close to the same as my Pro 2 class, getting bumped right off the bat but I was not able to weed my way through the pack.  I started just having fun and jumping the bigger jumps and crashing more and more.  My Tekin motor was able to turn a double double into a quad, Lol!  I had a good time and look forward to the next one in Las Vegas next weekend.


Pro 4, OCRC Raceway at the 2013 Top Notch Racing Series Round 3


Come out and join the Top Notch Series and come say Hi to the crew.  We need some new faces and new competition to keep it interesting for everyone.  Have a good one!  Just wanted to thank Proline for the sweet Ion tires that were hooked up on each and every one of my race vehicles.  My Proline Pro 2 conversion truck felt to me as the fastest 2wd out there.  Venom was able to power all my high power Tekin electronics and motors in all my heavy cars all day long.  BCE Chassis are all tuned and ready to go for whatever you can dish out to them.  Check them out and purchase the best the first time.

Pro 2 SC.  Chad Panek 1st, Matt Gilbert 2nd, Nick Blais 3rd

Pro 2 SC. Chad Panek 1st, Matt Gilbert 2nd, Nick Blais 3rd

Blais Racing Services is a proud Sponsor of the Top Notch Series and will continue to support this series and help it grow.  Thanks TNS for the great racing action!

Race Results


Sportsman 4×4 Short Course at Round 3, 2013 Top Notch Racing Series


Thanks to all our great sponsors for all their help:



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