Aug 2012

Pro-Line’s Kyle McBride wins FEMCA Asian Championships


In an hour long race of attrition it was Kyle McBride who hardly put a foot wrong as he steered his MP9 to victory, initially Thai driver Chavit S held onto a comfortable gap out front, chased by McBride and Hara with Meen V not far behind, however a flame out cost Chavit any front running chance. 10-15 minutes in it was Hara who faced bad luck as he too flamed out, this left McBride with a cushion, his main competitor now Meen Vejrak, who had suffered a terrible qualifying but bumped his way into the main. Meen V looked to be closing slowly despite some tangles, however with 20mins to go bad landed stopped his car and he dropped back, McBride slowed his pace slightly to conserve his lead as Matt Griffin fought his way back into 2nd and confirm an Aussie 1,2 in Thailand, Japanese driver WaturU Takashiro would take the last podium spot for Kyosho, the highest of the HB tyre runners. As with the Worlds two years ago, the track is incredibly tough on the cars, throttle servos, batteries, fuel mileage all taking a dent. A mature and measured drive from McBride leading home the three Aussies who all finished inside the top 4. Hara would recover to 5th after his stop ahead of Kenji Osaka.

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Posted by: John Kelishes in Factory Team, Race Events
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