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Oct 2011

Pro-Line Wins RC Pro US Series Rd. 16

This past weekend was the 16th round of the RC Pro US Series in Harlingen, TX at Gears Raceway.  The crew at Gears had built a great track about 90 racers from all over the region.  This was a 2 day race with 4 rounds of qualifying on Saturday and the Mains on Sunday.  The track looked very fun and challenging and I couldn’t wait to get on it!


In practice the track was already in dry and very dusty conditions and it was very loose.  In buggy my car was very good from the start, I put M2 Calibers on my car and they felt great.  I didn’t have to do anything else to my car except tune my engine a little bit and sharpen up my driving!  In truggy my car was also very good from the start, I had M2 Calibers on my car and they were awesome!  I just had to sharpen up my driving and be more consistent.


In qualifying for this race they were using the format taking your best 2 out of 4 rounds.  In the first round of truggy, I just wanted to get a good, clean run out of the way, so I could try to clock in a faster run in the next 3 rounds.  I did exactly what I wanted to do setting the TQ for the round, but making a few mistakes along the way.  In buggy I was going in with the same mind set.  I was unable to finish the race because of a battery issue, but I was not that worried because I knew I had 3 other rounds to work with.  In round 2 for truck I had completely no brakes, making it even harder to drive on the slick racing surface, and I ended up fourth for the round and second overall after 2 rounds.  In buggy I was able to drive a clean and smooth run with almost no mistakes and take the TQ for the round and fourth after 2 rounds.  In the third round of truck I was on a TQ pace with about 2 minutes to go, but made a mistake that took about 10 seconds away from my time and finished second for the round, and gave the TQ to another racer.  In buggy I tried some M3 Blockades that fellow Pro-Line team mate Jason Branham recommended and they were even better than the Calibers!  I had another good run and finished second for the round.  In the final round of qualifying in truggy I set a new TQ pace for the class that was 10 seconds faster than the previous time, but due to the tie breaker system, I was starting second on the line in the main.  In buggy I was on another good TQ run, but I over jumped a triple in the middle of the track, causing my chassis to slap, and my flywheel caught a rock, so my car flamed out, ending my run, and a chance at TQ.  I was still starting second in the main, so I knew I still had a good chance at winning or taking home a good finish.

My 30 minute truggy main started out great, I got the lead early and started pulling away.  At the 7 minute mark, I already had a 10 second lead, and was driving really good, but I landed funny off a jump, causing the front left dogbone to pop out of the outdrive.  The marshall got me back to the pits fast, but it still took a while to pop the dogbone back into place, and I ended up loosing about 3 laps to the field.  This happened numerous times again throughout the main, so I did not finish.  In the buggy main, I got out to the lead early again, and was trying not to wreck, while the second place driver was driving on edge trying to catch up.  I pulled away early and never looked back.  My car was awesome and it got better as the main went on.  I ended up winning, and putting myself in the top 5 in points in the US Series.  I was very happy with that.  I used the same set of M3 Blockades I used in qualifying and they still had a great amount op tread after the 30 minute main!

Overall it was a great weekend and my cars were awesome all weekend!!!  I had some bad luck, but thats racing and I will get them next time!  Thanks for the support and awesome products PRO-LINE!

Till next time,

Cade “Young Gun” Whitenton

Equipment used-


1st and 2nd Rds. of qualifying – M2 Calibers

3rd and 4th Rds. of qualifying- M3 Blockades

Main- M3 Blockades

Medium Glue


Qualifying- M2 Calibers

Main- M2 Calibers

Medium Glue


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