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Apr 2011


 Pro-Line Racing – Traxxas Slash MT Pro-Trac Conversion #6062-00

Super Size Your Slash 2WD into the Ultimate All Terrain Basher!


With almost a ½ Million Traxxas Slash Trucks produced to date, the Slash 2WD makes for one of the most versatile and most affordable platforms for project conversions. One of the most asked about topics is the conversion of the Slash 2WD into an All Terrain Basher to take on almost any condition you can throw at it.  Look no further than Pro-Line Racing for all of you Slash 2WD All Terrain Monster truck conversion parts. 

For our Slash Monster Truck conversion, we first started off with one of our  Pro-Trac Suspension Kit’s which  will increase the track (Width) of your Slash from the stock 12.25” to a staggering +13”! In this lifted form, the Pro-Trac suspension kit gives your Slash over 2.5” ground clearance at the axle skid plates and over 4” clearance at the chassis center line when equipped with 2.8″ Trencher tires.

Our new #1170-00 2.8″ Trencher tires used on this conversion are a direct fit to Traxxas OEM 2.8″ wheels (Like used on the new Stampede 4X4) with no modifications required. The new 2.8″ Trencher Tire is 4.87” high by 2.86” wide Tire perfect for High Speed and All terrain bashing!

 Pro-Trac Suspension Installation

The installation of the #6062-00 Pro-Trac suspension kit is pretty much the same as the installation on the Slash. All suspension components and adjustments install and adjust in the same manner.  All components in this kit are used on the Slash Monster Truck Conversion with the exception of the Pro-Trac SC wheels, these will not be used.

Most everything is straight up / bolt on with the exception of the body posts and their positioning.  We went with longer posts from the body post extension kit and then trimmed to fit them once we established out body height.

I used an alternate positioning for the rear as I was  using a body that had holes previously drilled. For installation for a new body, the stock Slash rear body posts can be used and the body post height adjusted on the rear shock tower.

  Shocks and Shock Mounting


You can re-use your stock shocks and adjust the spring pre load with the stock spring collars to adjust the body ride height. Mount the shocks at the most in board mounting holes for maximum ride height.  These are the holes that are the closest to the center of the truck.

 For a better range of adjustment, we recommend the Powerstroke SC shocks #6063-00 and 6063-01. This will give you better tunability of your Monster trucks suspension performance and ride height.


For better control for ride height (Taller stance) and trucks weighted down by heavier / bigger battery packs, you can purchase the optional #6063-03 (Front) and #6063-04 (Rear) spring tuner packs. These packs give you a wider range of variable rate springs with on Softer and two additional stiffer sets over the stock Power Stroke SC Shock springs.

Initial Build Recommendations

With the Pro-Trac suspension kit and the combined force of the larger tires, we strongly recommend both the #6062-08 Chassis Saver and the #6067-00 Performance Steering kit be installed on your initial build. These two performance parts will greatly improve the performance and drivability of your Slash Monster Truck. These items and others are listed in the Performance parts section below.

 Wheel and Tire Options

One of the benefits of the Pro-Trac system  and the taller ride height is you will be able to use the same offset rims on all 4 corners and run the Traxxas 2.8″ Wheels.  Besides running the stock Traxxas Tires, Pro-Line now offers our 2.8″ Trencher Tire #1170-00. This is an all new Trencher tire that is a direct fit to OEM Traxxas 2.8″ wheels (2.8″ Wheel Option Coming Soon)!

Besides Stock Traxxas 2.8″ Tires, Pro-Line also has 5 tread patterns to choose from which will mount to your OEM Traxxas 2.8″ Rims (2.8″ Wheel Option Coming Soon)!

What Monster Truck Body’s will fit Your Slash 2WD?

This is one of the toughest areas to address wit the Slash 2WD Platform. We get allot of calls requesting truck body’s that will cover the Slash 2WD Chassis. With the body side extension off, the actual width of the chassis is close to 7 ½” wide.

In digging through out archives, we have found that bodies from the Monster MGT are very close in respect to wheel base and width. They look good on the truck and most importantly, covers the Slash’s 7 ½’ chassis pan.  Unfortunately many of these bodies are discontinued however they are still readily available from many of our dealers, local hobby shops and On Line Internet Hobby Shop’s

 Slash Monster Truck Bodies

The following is list of the body’s we have tried and have made work on the Slash 2wd Monster Truck conversion are as follows

#3165-00 H2 Hummer SUT Concept

#3186-00 Crowd Pleazer 2.0 MGT LST

#3189-00 Chevy Silverado HD, (Used on our project truck shown in the photos)

#3220-00 Dodge Mega Cab

#3222-00 Cadillac Escalade EXT

 Pro-Line Racing Performance Parts for your Slash 2WD Monster Truck:

The following is list of several Pro-Line Racing performance parts specifically designed for your Slash 2wd to help enhance the performance, styling and over all looks of your truck.

 #6062-08 Chassis Saver

Makes breaking the rear shock tower mounting ears off your chassis virtually impossible.

CNC Machined from 7075 Aircraft Aluminum, Hard Anodized Black Finish

Highly recommended for your 2WD Slash Monster Truck conversion!

 #6063-00 / 6063-01 PowerStroke SC Shocks

Installing the Powerstroke SC shocks on your rustler will give you even better handling, dampening and control of your Rustler.  With their beefy 3.5mm shafts and infinite tune ability, you will feel performance and control with your Rustler than you never before thought possible.

 #6063-05 PowerStroke Universal Shock Hardware Mount Kit

This kit includes Delrin pivot balls also provide superior PowerStroke shock mounting to Slash and Slash 4×4, allowing quicker shock removal and eliminating the dreaded screw back-out.

 #6066-00 Slash 2WD, 4X4 Performance Battery Strap

Everything that you would ever want in a battery strap, it is adjustable and can be tightened down to ensure your battery stays secure.  It also features an aluminum pivot block, which allows the battery strap to rotate completely out of the way so you can easily remove your battery.

 #6067-00 Performance Steering kit

 Whether you are racing or bashing, this steering kit increased steering response and precision.

The kit includes ball bearings for silky smooth steering action and an adjustable servo-saver that allows you to control the desired amount of steering response, while still protecting your servo. As an added bonus, Pro-Line’s development team eliminated possibility of the steering popping out by bolting the steering column through the chassis.

 #6061-00 Slash 2WD Front Bumper, #6061-01 Front Slid Plate, #6061-02 Rear Skid Plate

These are Serious Bashing under Armor for Your Slash 2WD Chassis! Looking for an aftermarket Slash bumper and Skid plates to withstand the test of time? Pro-Line’s got your back with an extremely durable stock replacement Parts injection molded from durable nylon with unsurpassed styling and maximum chassis protection.

Making Your Slash Monster Truck Look Good

Pro-Line Racing offers a number of accessories that will allow you to add to the appearance and Scale realism of your Monster Truck Conversion.  Here is a list of item which can be found on our web site.

#6040-00 Scale Tools Assortment #1

Set includes a Cooler, Gas Can, Static Winch, and Winch Accessories Box

 #6045-00 Scale tools Assortment #2

Set includes a Shove, Pry Bar, Axe, and Hi Lift Jack

 #6046-00 Scale Accessories Roof Rack

Includes Rack, Mounting hardware and Rubber o-Ring Tools hold down straps

 #6047-00 Scale Accessories Light Bar

Set includes a 5 Lamp light bar with covers as well as two individual light pods

 #6052-00 Scale Western Bumpers Set

Set Includes Front, and Rear Bumper’s, mounting hardware, and an optional front hoop.

(I used the Rear Bumper on our project truck)

We at Pro-Line are committed to bringing you the best in RC performance and innovation. We hope these products help enhance your RC vehicles performance as well as your experience in the RC Sport for years to come!

 Thank you for choosing Pro-Line Racing as your RC performance Parts Company.